There is always the one situation where you could use a certain tool, which could help you out in the affected situation. To find it, you first have to know what you are using it for. What exactly is a gadget and which ones are there? What exactly do you need them for and how helpful are they? In the following, we will explain all the information there is to know about this and explain how diverse this topic is.

What is a gadget?

By definition, a gadget is an apparatus that performs a certain task. They are also called technical gadgets or bells and whistles because they are actually an object that has a special function, or a special design. Normally it's always an object you have with you all the time, because it's also designed so that you can put it in your trouser pocket in most cases.  

A gadget can also be a device that has a sophisticated but technical characteristic that cannot be achieved with normal tools. They can also be a gift.  

The word was invented practically in the 19th century, when it was first documented. In the 1850s, an anecdotal reference appeared in the writings to a technical device for which there was no name. However, the gadget only became famous through American film productions, where it was mentioned more and more often. Mostly in the context of inventions which just mentioned certain tasks. The word has established itself to this day and is still spread via the media. Well-known series in which the word is used because it is also the subject of the plot are "The Big Bang Theory", "Chip & Chap", or "The IT Crowd". In "Chip & Chap" is the original name of a female mouse, which is well versed in technology even "gadget", while in German it is called "Trixie".  

An alternative term is also the "Gimmick", which was especially coined within Germany within the framework of the so-called "Yps booklets". Here each booklet was accompanied by a so-called gimmick, which could fulfill a certain task. Periscopes, different office articles, up to the warm-up coffee mug by USB everything was present here. 

Drone World

UAVs are so-called unmanned arial vehicle (UAV) - not to be confused with the dreaded UFOs (unknown flying objects). UAVs can be autonomous / automated flying objects as well as human-operated aircraft.

Drone World

Cooling World

Especially during summer time you always need a cold breathe. Here we show you different products where you can have the extra fresh air in summer time.

Smart Home World

Smart Home is a buzz word for home electronics which can be connected under each devices. We show you different products which help you connecting your home devices and more.

Computer World

There are a lot of Gadgets around which need to beconnected via USB and/or work s computers. In this category we would like to present such products.

What do I need gadgets for? 

Gadgets simplify a project immensely and perform the task that would otherwise only be possible with greater effort. A good example is the cup, which warms up via USB connection. Everyone complains, for example, that coffee quickly gets cold in the cup. If you use the gadget, the coffee stays hot longer. Another good example is the USB fan, which can be conveniently connected to a computer and which makes it possible to install a fan directly in front of you without the need for a separate power connection.  

These are mainly products that are not actually necessary, but which are a good addition because they combine procedures or functions that would otherwise be more complicated or even impossible (see the warm-up coffee cup). In addition, they are always small and pocket-sized so that they can be carried as easily as possible. They are often designed like a key fob so that you can easily put them in your pocket. 

Which gadgets are available?

Ein Gadget gibt es für die unterschiedlichsten Bereiche. Hier folgt mal eine kleine Liste, um eine bessere Übersicht zu ermöglichen:  

  • Wifi-Verstärker
  • Luftkühler
  • Heizgeräte
  • Fitness-Uhren
  • Drohnen
  • Mini-Ventilatoren
  • Sprachübersetzer
  • Video-Türkameras
  • Drahtlose Ladestationen fürs Smartphone
  • Kabellose Kopfhörer
  • Action-Cams
  • Powerbanks 

Selbstverständlich gibt es noch viele mehr. Die Vielfalt kennt hierbei praktisch keinerlei Grenzen. Dabei erfüllt das Gadget jeweils eine ganz bestimmte Aufgabe. Der Wifi-Verstärker ist beispielsweise für den eigenen Haushalt interessant, aber genauso auch auf Reisen, wenn das dort befindliche WLAN einfach zu schwach ist. Ein Luftkühler bringt im Sommer speziell immer etwas Abkühlung mit, während Heizgeräte im Winter die Kosten für die Heizung drosseln. Fitness-Uhren lassen beim Sport die Schritte zählen, oder sind auch für andere Funktionen zu gebrauchen.  

Versierte Nutzer profitieren von Drohnen, die sie unterwegs bequem mitnehmen und 4K-Aufnahmen machen können. Sprachübersetzer ermöglichen einem, dass man nicht einmal mehr die Sprache lernen muss, wenn man verreist. Und Video-Türkameras lassen eine problemlose Überwachung des Eigenheims zu, selbst wenn man sich auf der Arbeit befindet. Für alles gibt es im Prinzip das passende Gadget, welches seine Aufgabe gut erfüllt und einen bestimmten Lebensbereich abdeckt.  

Genauso kann es sich aber auch um ganz einfache Kleinigkeiten handeln. Wie beispielsweise die Powerbank, die beim Smartphone für mehr Energie sorgt und den Akku länger halten lässt. Dazu kommen Action-Cams, die klein und handlich sind und besonders unterwegs ihre Aufgabe gut erfüllen. Kabellose Kopfhörer sind günstig und sehen gut aus, während drahtlose Ladestationen fürs Smartphone beispielsweise auf der Arbeit ganz einfach das Aufladen des Handys gewährleisten, ohne dass eine zusätzliche Leitung erforderlich ist. 

How qualitative are gadgets?

Quality does not always depend on whether the gadgets come from the Far East or from an American company. Often they are even of a higher quality if they come from abroad, or have the same quality as an expensive original. Often they look very similar to the originals, which are sold at a much higher price. The only drawback is that they do not always have all the functions of the original. Whereby one orients oneself here already strongly at it and strives to provide the same quality and function. For the cheaper price, however, this is very good to get over. In addition, most of the time these are functions that are not absolutely necessary. So it is not always necessary with a wireless headset to be able to answer calls by tapping it.

Are gadgets expensive?

This question can be answered as follows: They are practically always cheaper than alternative products that do not necessarily serve the same purpose. If, for example, you use the small technical gadgets that heat coffee cups or provide a fan, they are extremely inexpensive to buy. A little more expensive will be larger devices, but they are still available in a quite good price range. So it is not said that gadgets are always cheap or always expensive.


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