Barx Buddy Device Review

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What is Barx Buddy Device?

Barx Buddy is an electronic handy dog training device, which gives a sound by the push of a button, which is not audible for humans, which dogs can hear again, so that they stop barking immediately. This way the noise stops, your dog calms down and everything is peaceful.  

Of course every dog should be allowed to bark, just as people have to speak. But constant barking is very exhausting both for yourself and your neighbours. So if your dog breaks out again into long lasting wild barking, you can calm him down with this training device from now on and also strange dogs, which bark at you outside just so wildly, can be soothed immediately. 

Barx Buddy Device

Barx Buddy Device review and quality features 

This special innovation against barking dogs comes from the USA and works very much like devices you put in your house against mice, which emits noises and vibrations you can't hear, but which are so fine that mice and rats can hear it in your house and flee from it.  

The little rodents don't like this noise. However, the sound that the device makes to your dog is not bad and is more like a dog whistle inaudible to humans. No matter how uneducated and wild your dog is, with this electronic dog training it will be from now on, because it reacts immediately to the sound! 

BarxBuddy Device Evaluation and recommendation 

If you have a dog yourself or your neighbours, you will know the problem - constant dog barking. If it only happens once in a while, it's okay. After all, we humans have to talk (if we are not mute): with each other or with ourselves. But we have to talk, that's how it is in us. Also with animals. Every being has its own language. So dogs have to bark, they can't be silent forever, we humans don't create that either.  

But just as with people who talk and talk and talk forever, barking dogs are a constant bother to us. It will be enough at some point. But what can you do if the neighbour dog or your own does not want to stop barking? So far there was no suitable solution. But the Barx Buddy training device, which only makes audible noises for dogs, stops barking and gives you, your dog and your neighbours peace and quiet. Whether he is educated or not, this dog training makes him a well-behaved dog. 

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Barx Buddy Device reviews and opinions 

Dogs barking all the time get on your nerves. Anything that simply doesn't want to find its end will inevitably get on your nerves at some point. Often we humans don't even know why our dog or the neighbour dog yaps all day long. Probably because nobody is there and he feels lonely or has to get out and nobody is there. With the training device from Barx Buddy the eternal barking is now over and at the push of a button the dog is calmed down, his barking stops. As far as the manufacturer's information is correct, it does not hurt the dog, but rather functions like a dog whistle, so that the dog knows through this signal that he should be quiet. This seems to be a great invention for all those who are annoyed by the barking of their own dog or that of their neighbour.  

A user of this device describes his two year old Golden Retriever as loud and stubborn. He would have tried this device to stop cars and other dogs barking out of the window. She also loves to hunt squirrels, cars and other animals when they walk together. He is surprised that this thing leads to results. Her barking and hunting stopped almost immediately and he was sure she would tell him now that he would calm her down and reward her. Now she reacted so well alone to that one tone. He could not recommend this dog training against barking dogs enough, it worked so wonderfully.  

One user writes about how she has always been afraid of dogs, especially big dogs. A neighbour would have a big brown-black dog and she would be afraid to walk past her house because she always thought he would bite her. And this dog barked at her all the time. But now all she had to do was grab her device, straighten it and push the button - it stopped immediately. Anyone who was afraid of dogs would need one of these devices against barking dogs; she felt so much safer. 

Why do I need this device for my dog training? 

The small training device against barking dogs is not only something for dog owners, whose dogs always bark so loudly and wildly and for such a long time that only this device can help them. People who are afraid of dogs and always come across dogs barking at them wildly and want to bite them during walks or other outdoor activities can also use this dog training very well.  

All you have to do is press a button and the dog will be at rest. So this device also offers a great help for people with dog anxiety, so that for them a more normal life is possible again. 

Where can I buy Barx Buddy Device? 

You can only order the dog training Barx Buddy against barking dogs via the official manufacturer website on the Internet, where you are offered up to 50 percent discount. However, this website is in English and is primarily aimed at people who are in the USA. What the exact offers and delivery conditions for the European area look like is not listed anywhere. 

BarxBuddy Device technical facts 

This little dog training includes on the one hand an integrated ultrasonic that emits a sound that can only be heard by the fine ears of dogs, but does not harm them or humans.  

There is also an LED lamp in the small device, which is used to calm the dog better by concentrating on this small lamp. It can also be used for night walks or as a visual stimulus for stubborn dogs. Simply slide the function switch to "Light" and press the "On" button. 

Who is the supplier of the product? 

The following information about the manufacturer/supplier can be found on its website:  

Return address: BarxBuddy PO Box 52171 Phoenix, AZ, 85072-2171, USA

Homepage: *

E-Mail: support(at)barxbuddy(dot)com Phone: 1-213-337-8656


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