Breathe Green Plug N Pure Ionizer Review

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What is Breathe Green Plug N Pure Ionizer?

The Breathe Green Plug N Pure Ionizer is a plug that bears an amazing resemblance to a smartphone. This plug is plugged into the socket like an ordinary adapter, so it can rid your air of all toxins and clean it.  

Our air contains countless pollutants, bacteria, pollen and more, all of which contribute to your coughing, sneezing, burning or watering eyes. All this is eliminated once and for all with this air ionizer, so that you now have a clean and completely clean fresh air at home and can breathe better.

Breathe Green Plug N Pure Ionizer

Breathe Green Plug N Pure Ionizer review and quality features 

The small air ionizer was developed in the USA and is a big seller there. Thanks to this device, many people have already been able to free their rooms of dust and bacteria and obtain fresh air at an affordable price. Often enough, traditional air purifiers cost several hundred dollars there, but this small device is much more affordable and its performance is more efficient than the traditional air purifiers available on the market.  

Often, these common devices only work by pure air turbulence, almost like a fan, where dirt is only whirled up and distributed. However, the Breathe Green air scrubber works differently, acting as an ionizer with ions that gently and imperceptibly draw all the toxins out of the air and thus clean your home less harmful to health, and thus completely different from the usual devices. 

Breathe Green Plug N Pure Ionizer Evaluation and recommendation 

Various studies have shown that indoor air pollution can be two to five times higher than outdoor air pollution, causing more asthma attacks than usual. Thanks to the invention of a small connector, this annoying problem is quickly solved. All you have to do is plug the small ionizer into your wall socket and it starts to clean your air gently and imperceptibly. When you press a small button on the smartphone's large device, a blue light shines, which is especially useful for those who like to keep the air washer plugged in at night, but don't want to be in the dark. In this way, this device can also be used as a night light for a restful and peaceful sleep.  

The small air ionizer from Breathe Green Plug N Pure helps you with the following things:

  • It eliminates all types of viruses and bacteria
  • It minimizes the symptoms of allergies (coughing, sneezing, watery eyes)
  • It reduces asthma triggers
  • It works without the use of chemicals
  • It offers long-lasting results through fresh air 
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Breathe Green Plug N Pure Ionizer reviews and opinions 

Especially all those people who are exposed to special "sources" of dust and pollutants at home, either by animal hair or by cigarette smoke, could make very good use of this small air purifier. Due to the gentle ion technology, both stench and dirt are filtered out of the air. In no time at all, the air is cleaned and completely clean, so you can breathe better again. You won't ever have to cough, sneeze, sneeze, or tear or burn your eyes again.  

A user of this air purifier writes that this Breathe Green Plug N Pure air ionizer was fantastic for his allergies! Those who have asthma or allergies know that they have to take their medication right before going to bed or they woke up at night due to breathing difficulties. Now his sleepless nights are finally over. He had had his air ionizer for a while and could sleep through the night without any problems. He could not express how much his breathing had improved and how grateful he was for finding Plug n' Pure Ionizer. It worked so well that he bought one for his cousin, whose asthma was much worse than his, and she now breathes so much better. The fresh air is good for both of them.  

One user reports that the Plug N Pure may be small, but it is very strong. She moved into a house in town and the last owner was a smoker, so the whole house smelled like cigarettes and it was musty. She tried every air freshener under the sun. Finally she found the air ionizer and everything changed. When she got her first one, she simply plugged it into an open, uncovered socket in the living room and everything was ready! Within 24 hours the lower floor smelled clean and there was no more cigarette smell. Then she went online and bought three more, one for her kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. After 48 hours of being plugged in, her whole house smelled clean and fresh. Best of all, you don't have to change air filters or light bulbs, or throw them away after a while. These air purifiers are the best investment she has ever made for her house, and she recommends them to anyone who wants to clean the air in their house for better and fresh air. 

Why do I need this device for my home? 

The Breathe Green air ionizer for fresh air is unfortunately only available from the official English-speaking manufacturer's website on the Internet and is not available in other online shops or in general stores. However, the manufacturer directly grants you up to 55 percent discount per unit or order on your orders.  

However, as this is a product from the USA, these discounts or other benefits and services (such as free shipping) may not be granted in Europe. 

Where can I buy Breathe Green Plug N Pure Ionizer? 

The air ionizer only needs to be turned on by the power button and then plugged into a wall outlet to get fresh air. No installation or other presetting is necessary. However, if you do not want continuous ionization, you can also set 30-minute intervals by timer. The power button also acts as a night light with its bright blue light that it emits. 

Breathe Green Plug N Pure Ionizer technical facts 

This little dog training includes on the one hand an integrated ultrasonic that emits a sound that can only be heard by the fine ears of dogs, but does not harm them or humans.  

There is also an LED lamp in the small device, which is used to calm the dog better by concentrating on this small lamp. It can also be used for night walks or as a visual stimulus for stubborn dogs. Simply slide the function switch to "Light" and press the "On" button. 

Who is the supplier of the product? 

On the manufacturer side, there is little information about the manufacturer/supplier of the product: 

Breathe Green 2345 Vauxhall Road Union, NJ 07083 USA

Homepage: *

Phone: 1 (888) 415-1295 Email: support(at)breathegreeneco(dot)com  


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