USB Gadgets in the Computer World

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The computer is such a versatile device that you can do a lot with it. But one thing is especially interesting for geeks and nerds. We are talking about so-called USB gadgets. Accessories with which you can easily do things that are not absolutely necessary, but useful. Here we would like to take a closer look at the topic, explain what USB gadgets are, which tasks they perform and, above all, in which variety they exist. 

What is a USB Gadget?

A USB gadget is basically a device you don't necessarily need, but it can be useful. It may as well be a gadget that is not technical in nature. In most cases, the technical devices are connected to the PC via a USB port. - By the way: they are not only suitable for normal PCs, but also for Mac users. All it takes is a USB port.  

Many a USB gadget also simplifies a task. A very good example of this is a USB stick, which makes so-called backups drastically easier. The advantage of the gadget is, for example, that you simply have to plug in the stick and press a button on the screen. Now you choose which folder to save and the rest is done by the stick without any further intervention. A manual backup on the other hand requires the direct influence of the user, the selection and takes a lot of time until it is finished at the end. 

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How do USB Gadgets work?

The gadgets available on the market all work very easily. In principle, the technical gadgets only require you to connect them to your computer via a USB port and you're ready to go. Some devices only need to be switched on, while others start working on their own. The coffee mug, for example, which heats itself and the fan, which switches on after pairing, are particularly well known for the automatic run. Other devices, such as separate speakers, need to be turned on first and may need to be configured.  

However, they are mainly characterised by the fact that practically anyone can operate them. USB gadgets are also a great gift, because you don't need any explanation, just plug them in and use them. 

What are the technical details of these gadgets?

The technical characteristics are very different. However, it is often the case that small devices such as the fan and the cup warmer have only limited technical capabilities. But in most cases this is not necessary. Most USB gadgets are designed to be extremely reliable, which is important. As soon as a system fails, the USB gadget shuts down without the need to unplug the USB port.  

This function is all the more important if there is a malfunction in the device. If the computer gadget is defective, it should switch itself off in any case, so that it can be handled easily afterwards. 

What devices are available?

The market has a wide range of different USB gadgets. Here is a small selection, so you can get a better idea:  

  • USB cup warmer: It is connected via a USB port and enables the cup placed on it to be warmed further with its contents. Most devices have different heat levels, but are so safe that they should not overheat.
  • USB fan: They allow a fan to be placed directly next to the computer. The fan is so small that it can be directly aligned with the user. In addition, there is usually no grid protection, so the rotor blades are made of a flexible material so that there is no risk of injury.
  • USB sticks with backup function: They facilitate regular backup and protect against data loss in the event of a computer crash. Most sticks are equipped with their own software, which only has to be triggered after they have been plugged in. Then the data area to be stored is selected and the stick does the rest itself.
  • USB hand warmer: You can't write very well with cold hands. The hand warmer warms up and thus offers a good basis to always have warm fingers, especially in winter.
  • Mini slot machines: Console on the PC - The small devices often have the shape of an arcade machine, on which you can play various games.
  • USB foot warmer: The slippers are simply connected to the USB port and warm up. With these USB gadgets you never have cold feet.
  • Sound armchairs: They are a bit bigger, but belong to the USB gadgets that no gambler wants to do without. Here the armchair is simply coupled with the computer and it transmits the right sound to the game, directly to the ears, via a built-in loudspeaker.
  • Loudspeaker boxes with water feature: These loudspeakers not only reproduce the music, but are also capable of creating a water feature with glitter and all kinds of colours integrated at the top. So the music also becomes an optical pleasure.
  • Mini Beamer: These USB gadgets go one step further and transmit images to a wall via the beamer. So you can also watch a film in a slightly larger format.
  • Mini Vacuum Cleaner: These devices are connected via USB and offer regular cleanliness on the desk as USB gadgets. The mini vacuum cleaners don't have immense suction power, but they let it get clean, if you have eaten a cookie at the PC and crumbled a bit. 

USB gadgets always have a technical effect that can be useful and are therefore an indispensable tool that you rarely want to do without on your computer. 

How much do such USB gadgets cost?

USB gadgets are already available at low prices. However, it depends on which gadget it is. A stand fan or the cup warmer are relatively cheap. Meanwhile, a mini beamer can cost a little more. It is also always a little bit decisive what one expects from the device. Most of them are technically too little capable and just so well equipped that they fulfil their function. Those who expect a little more from the devices, for example from the beamer, should perhaps consider whether they should invest in a reasonable device. A characteristic of the beamer, however, would also be that it is not only coupled via USB connection, but also acts directly via HDMI.

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