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Particularly in recent years, it has become increasingly common for it to get so hot in the home that air conditioning seems unavoidable. A big problem here is that they are known as power guzzlers, unhealthy and also not really a good solution. In addition, they make so much noise that they disturb especially at night. But what are the alternatives? Fans practically only blow the old air forward and in many cases do not cool down well. One product that has become increasingly popular in recent years in particular is the so-called air cooler. Below we provide all the necessary information about this small device. What it can do, how it works and, above all, why it is such a much better alternative to the typical air conditioning system. 

What is an air cooler?

An air cooler fulfils the task of replenishing used air with moisture and releasing it in a much cooler state. This means that it works like a normal air conditioner, but is far less large and noisy. Most devices have only the size of a slightly larger radio alarm clock. This is the first advantage of such an air cooler.  

Furthermore, it doesn't consume as much electricity as its larger counterpart. It is simply connected via the socket and works in principle in the same way. It cools on the spot, does not make much noise and cools the air. With some devices it is also possible to adjust the strength.  

Such a device is especially advantageous when used at night, when it should be a little quieter and the too cool air of an air conditioner would be too much of a good thing. Because most devices usually let out only so much air that it becomes just pleasant in the room. This is all the more important for a good and restful sleep. 

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How does an air cooler work? 

Such a device works in a similar way to a large air-conditioning system. First, used air is sucked in from behind by a fan drive. The air is then passed through a filter where harmful particles are removed. Then the air reaches the area where it is again enriched with moisture and cooled at the same time. This is fed into the unit via an integrated water tank. The cleaned and cooled air then leaves the unit via a drive at the front, thus cooling the ambient air.  

For the user, this actually means only carrying out a few small actions on the unit. As a rule, the user sets up the appliance, fills the water tank with sufficient water and reconnects it. Afterwards, he only has to switch on the unit and select the mode in which the air cooler is to work. The unit then does everything else without any further action being necessary. 

What technical details should good air coolers have?

A good air cooler fulfils above all the task of cooling the ambient air. For this it does not need any special technical functions. However, it is important that it uses several modes to cool the air. So everybody can adjust it as he would like it to be. Most units are equipped with about two to three modes that transport from little to a lot of air. The water tank should be equipped with a quantity that lasts for at least eight hours.  

The device should always switch off when the water tank is empty and needs to be refilled. Otherwise, the air cooler may experience technical problems.  

Another function, which is always very nice to look at, is that a mood light is integrated. It can be adjusted in different colours and thus has a subliminal influence on the atmosphere.  

Another good feature is the integrated air filter, which extracts the harmful particles from the air. Either it can be removed and cleaned separately or it can be replaced. Accordingly, with a good appliance there is always the possibility of ordering spare parts - here in the form of the filter.  

In terms of properties, it should also be mentioned that before a purchase it should be determined how much electricity the appliance consumes. There are also some suppliers who describe their appliances as energy-saving, but they basically consume just as much as a typical air-conditioning system. This is not really the purpose of the system. Therefore it is always good to know the consumption. 

How should I clean an air cooler?

Basically, the air cooler is not cleaned as a whole, but only the water tank and the filter. With the water tank, it is important to replace the water regularly or to refill it. Fresh water should always be available during use.  

The filter can usually be removed and cleaned under the tap, but other devices only allow a complete replacement of the filter. In this case it makes sense to inquire in case of an incident whether there are accessories for the devices, which can be bought at any time. 

How much power does an air cooler provide?

This depends on the size of the room in which the air cooler is installed. If the room is relatively small, one can assume that a good cooling takes place. If the room becomes larger, the unit must be more efficient. With most devices, it is regulated in such a way that they have several modes that work differently. In larger rooms it is therefore always advisable to select a higher mode in order to absorb and release more air.

Can I use an air cooler to cool several rooms?

In principle, an air cooler is the best alternative to ordinary air conditioning because it saves electricity. Why is that so? Because you set them up specifically in one room. The room that needs to be cooled. They cool the room down to a sufficient temperature. Unfortunately, several rooms cannot be cooled down with such a device. Here again the use of an air conditioning system is more recommendable. However, these do not always cool down the entire apartment, but are used specifically for one or two rooms next to each other.  

In principle, the use in a single room is always more recommendable.

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