Dartly Type Review Price Facts

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What is Dartle Type?

Dartle Type is a very special innovation in the field of technical possibilities. Because as a laser keyboard it offers you much more space, because it does not need any storage space, and it is versatile. So you can use it in the dark, which is less the case with ordinary keyboards, because this one glows. This keyboard and mouse can be used anywhere and is easy to transport. It works flawlessly with all portable devices such as tablets and smartphones, so you can type on the go and on any surface, wherever you are. Especially when you travel, this keyboard helps you be more independent and work more easily without carrying around large devices and keyboards.  

Dartle Type

Dartle Type Test and Quality

This special keyboard and mouse as a laser is an American invention and therefore offers a slightly different handling regarding the letters and the arrangement of the letters than a German keyboard. So letters like "ü" or "ä" are missing, which do not exist in English. Here you have to make a paraphrase and either avoid such letters, which is often not possible, or paraphrase them with "ue" or "ae".  

Dartle Type evaluation and recommendation 

Apart from the small flaw that this keyboard is not adapted to the German letters and certain letters are not available, however, the invention of a laser keyboard and mouse is generally a good thing. Especially because of the fact that it can be stored in a space-saving way and you don't need a bulky laptop or notebook and everything is easily usable through your Bluetooth enabled devices like tablet or smartphone. It also allows you to work in the dark, which is less possible with ordinary keyboards.  

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General Dartle Type opinions

If you are on the road a lot or work more with smaller devices like a tablet, this Dartle Type keyboard and mouse will be of particular use to you. Unfortunately, it does not consist of all letters that exist in the German language area, thus there is no "ä" or "ü" or something similar, as it is an invention from the English speaking area. But for those who have to write more English texts or letters, this keyboard offers very big advantages. The glow of the laser always gives you the possibility to continue typing in the dark, so you are more independent and can always work without having to pay attention to the brightness. The Bluetooth connection is working fine with positive customer reviews and is very easy to use with small portable devices like tablets.  

One user of this keyboard reports that with this invention she finally has something she can work with anytime and anywhere. She doesn't want to carry around all her keyboard and mouse equipment every time she sits in Starbucks or on a train. Now with Dartle Type she finally has something to work with and especially a device that fits in the palm of her hand. Also in the train, when it goes through dark tunnels or when she goes to work or comes back in the dark she can type anytime, because the laser makes darkness no longer a problem. You can keep on typing without having to interrupt. She likes this especially well.  

One user says he loves this Dartle. He received the package quickly and it was very well packed with a user manual inside. The keyboard already feels very high quality and it is very handy and transportable. The Bluetooth synchronisation also worked perfectly and as it is with many new keyboards, he had to get used to it first, but this worked very quickly.  

One user of the Dartle describes that this is her very first laser keyboard and she was sceptical at first if this would really work. But then she was surprised how great everything went and she would love to be able to type everything directly into her small smartphone and not to carry a big notebook or something like that around with her. She said that this way of writing and working was the future, because it was a very big technological advance and simply much handier and better than previous ways of typing. She said she was definitely convinced.  

One user writes enthusiastically that this keyboard and mouse is the best travel keyboard he has ever owned. He uses it on his briefcase while on the road and it works wonderfully. He is very happy about this purchase and also about the low price that is currently running, because he knows from others that they have paid far more than from this brand. Now he can easily do some work on the way to the office without it getting too bulky on the train. He finds this way of working particularly appealing and can only recommend this keyboard!  

Why do I need this virtual keyboard?

This special technical invention is especially useful for all those people who are on the road a lot and have to write a lot, but do not want to do this constantly on large devices such as notebooks or laptops. With Dartle you can type anywhere on any surface and it is much smaller and handier than any other keyboard. It also allows you to type in the dark without interrupting when you need to work at night.  

Where can I buy Dartle Type?

If you know Wifi repeaters, you know that they have their justification. They extend the range and thus facilitate Internet access via laptop, PC and smartphone. With this background knowledge and considering the features that the RangeXTD has to offer, it can be assumed that it too will keep its product promise.  

This assumption is supported by numerous product reviews from people who have already bought and tried the repeater. On the positive side, most reviews stress that the device is actually capable of significantly increasing the range of the WIFI signal. In addition, some customers note that the signal strength has generally improved significantly.  

Where can I buy RangeXTD?

The Laser Keyboard is only available from the official American manufacturer on the Internet, where you can get up to 50 percent discount on a device as well as volume discounts. It is not known whether shipping to Europe is possible and would have to be clarified in writing with the manufacturer before ordering or a corresponding note will be displayed during your order process.  

Dartle Type technical facts

The following technical facts are important for you to know before making a purchase:  

  • Description: Dartle Type laser keyboard and mouse. 
  • Compatible with: Android, iOS, PC, Windows, MAC. 
  • Switch: One single on/off switch. 
  • Connection: Ultra fast Bluetooth connection. 
  • Battery: Built-in long-life battery. 
  • Charging: Recharge for two hours and last for about two days of normal use. 
  • Portable: Light and handy, ideal for travel.

Who is the supplier of the product? 

The following information about the supplier/manufacturer can be found on their English language website:  

company address: Strong Current Hong Kong Suite 2201, 21/F Chinachem Century Tower, 178 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong  

Homepage: https://www.dartletype.com/ *  

Email: support(at)dartletype(dot)com

Dartle Type Logo

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