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Flying objects have always been an interesting affair for humans. Nowadays drones are mainly used for filming. Years ago, these were almost impossible, or they were associated with high costs and efforts. A drone combines all these functions. However, there are numerous differences in the capabilities of the models. In the following, we would like to explain what makes a drone, what functions the good models have and, above all, what has changed within the legal framework in recent years.

What is a drone? 

The term drone is mainly used for vehicles that are unmanned in the air. Usually these vehicles are controlled by a remote control. This can be done either by a computer or a person.  

However, what is meant in this article generally has a different name to specify it further. The correct name for the part meant here is the so-called quadrocopter. A quadrocopter is an aircraft that has four rotors or propellers aligned to receive lift by rotation. They are able to fly more complex manoeuvres as well as simply maintain their position in the air. Most devices are additionally equipped with a camera, or have a holder in which you can mount a mobile phone to take pictures from the air. The control is done either by app, or by a separate control unit. 

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How does a drone work? 

In the field of model building, which also includes most camera drones, the motors of the rotors are driven by a DC motor. The device is stabilized either by the individual configuration of the propellers or by an integrated gyroscope. This, however, is more likely to be built into advanced equipment. They are able to determine their centre of lift independently. In addition, there are various sensors that pick up the environment to prevent an impact.  

Usually a drone works for the simple consumer in such a way that it is folded out, placed on the ground and then you take the control to hand. There are devices that automatically swing out their position, but also those that can be actively influenced by control. Thanks to different modes, it is also possible for the drone to follow you or hold a position. This is particularly important for still pictures. In high winds, some drones are also able to maintain their position because they compensate for the unbalance.  

Video recordings are usually made using the built-in camera. To do this, the drone sends the image directly to the driver and plays back what it records directly on the smartphone. These images can also be used to control exactly what is recorded. In other words, the user acts directly on the drone. As far as quality is concerned, it varies widely depending on the model. Some still have a relatively outdated technology, while higher quality models are able to record the videos in 4K.  

After the recording is finished, most drones land on their own without any damage. The data is read using a USB cable. As far as the battery life is concerned, there are big differences here. Some models only last a few minutes, while others last up to half an hour. 

What technical details should a good drone have?

What is a good drone and what is not is a matter of opinion. Some people are satisfied with a recording quality of 1080 x 768 pixels, while others also expect 4K quality. As far as the camera is concerned, there's practically something for every need. However, the camera should have at least the above pixel value. 4K is then a matter of discretion.  

Furthermore, a drone should have an autopilot in order to be able to stay free in the air. Some can also be controlled by gestures if they are in the immediate vicinity. If a program is integrated that allows the drone to follow the pilot, this is also a good feature.  

One thing where most drones drift far apart in terms of their technical characteristics is battery life. Many models, especially those that are cheap, only provide a few minutes of battery life. A good model has a battery life of at least ten to twenty minutes. Top-of-the-range models in the higher price range also have a flight time of 30 minutes.  

One more thing: it should always be possible to buy replacement parts for the device. So you can have longer fun with the device without having to buy a new one, because there are no spare parts available. 

How can I learn to fly drones?

Learning to fly drones is not complicated. Some models offer a completely uncomplicated app control, which seems to be very suitable even for beginners and therefore allows a problem-free control. However, only those who already have some idea should dare to use devices with a control unit.  

For beginners it is also always a good idea if the device has its own landing mechanism, as no damage is to be expected here because mistakes are made during landing.

How high can a drone fly? 

Due to some incidents with airplanes, today there is a provision that privately used drones may not fly higher than 30 meters without a separate permit. 

Are there any legal regulations that I have to observe?

The legal conditions for flying drones have also changed considerably. Since 1 October 2017, it has been prohibited in Germany to fly drones weighing more than 2 kilograms without a separate permit. However, devices weighing more than 2 kilograms must pass a flight test. Since then, each camera drone has also had to be fitted with a separate sign if the drones weigh more than 0.25 kilograms. It must be possible to determine the owner by means of the sign.  

If a flight takes place outside the 1.5 kilometre distance, a permit from German Air Traffic Control is also required within the control zone.

What well-known brands are there?

There is a great variety of brands on the drones market. They are particularly well known:  

The functions of the drones differ greatly from each other. But there are models for beginners as well as advanced - in every price range!


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