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Especially now in the summer many are looking for the cold. When winter comes again, you want to stay warm wherever you are. The heating is not an option all the time. A good fan heater literally eats electricity, so instead of gas you end up having to pay the higher electricity price. But finding a good middle ground here is not difficult. Ecoheat S delivers just that. The fan heater does not eat much electricity, can be used anywhere in the house and has all the safety attributes a fan heater should normally have. We would like to introduce the device in detail below and give you the opportunity to get your own picture of it.  

What is Ecoheat S?  

This device is a portable ceramic radiator with a sleek and modern design. ER is able to heat interiors and simply leave the typical heater off. The power can be adjusted and is selectable between 600 and 1,200 watts. Even in the office, it is very easy to use and ensures a pleasant climate there. His attributes:  

  • Safe handling 
  • Portable 
  • energy saving 
  • Elegant design  

On the LED display, the temperature is displayed, plus an additional setting that feels like there is natural wind in the room. Thanks to its versatility, the device can be used throughout the year and thus always supplies the right temperature. Heating was yesterday, today there is Ecoheat S.

Ecoheat S

Ecoheat S test  

What really stands out is the fact that the device is very safe. Some other fan heaters are installed and overturn after a while. Unnoticed, it quickly comes to a fire. This should prevent this interior fan in any case. It is easy to use and very safe. In addition, the construction is not built to be rigid but oscillating. The functions are fluid and variable, so that you can use the device not only for heating, but also for air compensation. The indoor fan becomes an indispensable device that you do not want to miss anymore. The device can easily be carried from room A to room B without any problems. Add to that an important fact, which shows quality: It is energy efficient. This means that the total heating costs can be reduced because the regular heating simply stops.  

Ecoheat S rating and recommendation  

In general, many people complain that heating costs continue to skyrocket. Accordingly, they leave the heating in winter and freeze. However, if they buy a fan heater, it also eats tons of electricity. This is a problem that permanently leads to a bad cycle. You turn off the heating, there are more electricity costs, in the end you have saved nothing. The indoor fan, however, is also designed to save power, because it simply does not consume as much as a normal fan heater. He is particularly safe and has quality features that speak for a purchase. It is easy to use and therefore relatively popular. In general, it is always better, one resorts to such a device, as the heating run and run. Overall, the manufacturer confirms that overall heating costs can be reduced. Therefore, the device is quite a good recommendation.  

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Ecoheat S experiences and opinions  

In our info search, we have of course synonymous one or the other review reviewed. Most use the device as a replacement for a fan heater and are very satisfied with the interior fan. Although it does not cool, which makes it unsuitable for the summer, but he is able to produce a natural wind, he is then the more pleasant. Otherwise it keeps the room at a good temperature and makes it more comfortable overall. Most want to recommend it and are satisfied with the device, which already proves that it is worth buying. We could not find any negative reviews.  

Why do I need this fan heater?  

The device is equally suitable for every age group. Both young and old benefit from it. Older people mainly because they are more cold than the younger generation. In general, however, it can also be said that it does not matter whether a woman or a man serves him. The interior fan is interesting for all who just want to have it warm and want to survive the heating season as cheaply as possible and who might also want to save a bit.  

Where can I buy Ecoheat S?  

Preferably directly from the manufacturer. This sells the devices through its own website, where the device is cheap and you do not have to fear any risk when you buy here. Not only will you get all the necessary information about the device, but also good prices. Every now and then, the manufacturer makes even better prices, so it is worthwhile to look more often. The order is simply expired, plus an uncomplicated payment. Shipping is fast, a few working days after ordering, the package has already arrived at the recipient. And all without risk.  

Ecoheat S - Technical Facts  

Here are a few technical facts that we would like to introduce so that you can get a better idea of ​​the device:  

  • Safe: anti-tilt, overheat protection, fire resistant construction 
  • Flexible: 1200 or 600 watts, cool air in standard mode 
  • Energy-efficient: heats only the room in which one is currently located 
  • Easy to use: top panel with clear operation 
  • Portable: perfect match for home or office  

Overall, the product's main purpose is to heat only the room you are in at the moment. If you turn on the typical heating system, you usually have to heat the whole house or the whole apartment. This results in high costs that can actually be saved.

Who is the provider of the product?  

The company is located in Hong Kong and has the following address: Hyper Sls Ltd. 7 / F, The Grande Building 398-402 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong Homepage: * For written support, the following email address is available: Here you can get help if you have a problem with the device.

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