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What is eWatch? 

The eWatch is a smartwatch that is identical in many features and apps to the features of smartphones. In direct comparison, the watches are not only smaller, but also easier to integrate into everyday life by wearing on the wrist. However, the goal pursued by the manufacturer goes beyond reading messages or playing your playlists. The clock should serve as a fitness tracker at the same time. The device measures the heart rate, counts your steps throughout the day and tracks your sleep phases. If you intend to improve your health, you can use this product daily to track the changes that have occurred, according to the manufacturer. The focus of this smartwatch is clearly on the combination of several functions for daily use.  


eWatch test and quality 

The company responsible for the distribution of the smartwatch comes from Spain. This is for returns as well as problems with the watches of great advantage, since the shipping costs are often to carry themselves. Within Europe, these costs are correspondingly cheaper than sending a defective product back to Asia or even to the United States. Within the EU, it is also easier to act legally against a company, should there be problems with the reversal of the already paid money. The company also grants a two-week conversion period. You can make use of this if you have not unpacked and used the Fitness Tracker by this time. Thereafter, an exchange is only in case of defective models in question. In this context, it is also important to follow the 14 days exactly. If the delivery arrives later, the return can be refused. 

eWatch review and recommendation 

The manufacturer presents the eWatch as an innovative product for digital everyday life and health. This advertising promise is very daring, since of course other manufacturers such as Apple in recent years have brought comparable products on the market. One aspect that is becoming more prominent in this product is health. The permanent monitoring of the heartbeat, the steps or the sleep is done solely by the existing apps and wearing the smartwatch. Buying additional apps or other software is not required for you. Immediately after purchase you can try out all the functions of the watch directly, without being confronted with further costs. This allows you to quickly determine if this product is really the right choice for your health. An additional advantage is the long battery life of the clock. This can be up to five days, with a regular use of eWatch. Only after this period, the battery in the clock must be recharged with energy. This is very practical in everyday life, in which you certainly already have to provide mobile phones, laptop and numerous other devices daily with new energy. The battery performance is also not declining, so at the end of the same performance should be available as with a full battery.  

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General eWatch opinions 

An advantage of the eWatch is the Retina HD touch display. You can read this even in lower light conditions comfortably. Nevertheless, the display is of course not comparable to the size of a smartphone or tablet. People with limited vision may therefore have trouble reading the news because of their small size. As the watches are compatible with Android and iOS, synchronization with the smartphone or other devices via Bluetooth is very easy. Especially the recorded health data can be evaluated there more easily with the corresponding apps. The smartwatch to wear for this purpose, even during sports or at night is initially unfamiliar to some of the buyers. However, with its sturdy aluminum and glass case, the Smartwatch is very sturdy, so you do not run the risk of damaging your watch in football or other sports. 

Why do I need this smart watch? 

The target group for this smartwatch is you, if you also want to stay up-to-date always up to date, without permanently staring at your phone or be bothered by beeps. The look on the wrist takes less time and is overall very easy to use. The weight and width of the movement are slightly increased compared to a regular watch. However, this is not accompanied by any problems in everyday life, as in return, the Retina Touch Display is easier to use. A second target group includes all people who actively strive for their own health. The Fitness Tracker has many features that allow you to document your daily level of exercise and, on that basis, improve it step by step. At the same time, sleep is documented. In the morning, if you often feel lazy or powerless, a look at this function can give you some idea of ​​whether or not you really get the necessary deep sleep.

Where can I buy eWatch?  

The eWatch is currently available only through the Ecomerzpro website. There you can buy the fitness tracker to monitor your health either individually or as a set. The sets consist of a delivery of two or three watches. Currently, the watches are available on the website with a 50% discount. This applies to the individual offers as well as the sets. In addition, the collection of shipping costs is currently waived. However, if the smartwatch is shipped from outside the EU, you may incur additional duties that must be paid prior to receiving the goods. Further costs will be incurred for the extended warranty of two years. However, this is not a must, so you can opt for or against this option. You can pay by PayPal or credit cards such as Visa, American Express or Mastercard. The purchase on account is not offered. During payment, your information will be encrypted so that your payment details can not be spied during the transaction.  

eWatch technical facts  

  • Smartwatch and fitness tracker 
  • Compatible with Android and iOS 
  • Retina HD touch screen 
  • Long battery life up to five days 
  • GPS and Bluetooth

Who is the provider of the product? 

Name: Ecomm Movadgency S.L. Address: C / Dublin 1 28232 Las Rozas Madrid Country of origin: Spain  

Homepage: https://getwatch.com/ *  

Ecomm Movadgency acts as a dealer. He is responsible for the marketing and distribution of the products. The manufacturer likes to stay in the background with these products and does not reveal themselves. If the shipping directly from the warehouse of the manufacturer, you can easily identify this s.der deviating sender on the package. For complaints and complaints about the fitness tracker for health, however, is the Spanish company. Here you have both an email address as support and a phone number in the UK available. Knowledge of English is therefore a necessary prerequisite, so that a communication comes about and your request is processed.

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