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What is Fotia Lamp?

Fotia Lamp is a very special innovation, because it is a magnetically functioning flashlight with many functions and serves very well as Survial Kit. You can hold them in your hand like any other flashlight, or clip them to your belt, or even stick them to the ceiling using built-in magnetism, if it's made of metal. This flashlight is also equipped to hit windows and get help in case of emergency, providing excellent equipment for camping or other adventurous activities.

Fotia Lamp

Fotia Lamp test and quality 

This innovative Fotia Lamp flashlight, developed in the US, is a tremendous quality feature in itself, as it can do so much more than ordinary flashlights that just glow. But this one, too, is a lantern that not only shines out from the front, like flashlights do, but also out of its throat emits tremendously bright light and makes your surroundings shine so clearly that you can see everything very clearly , And like a lantern, you can hang it on the ceiling, because it's magnetic too! As a survival kit, it offers the best conditions.

Fotia Lamp review and recommendation

Ordinary flashlights do not provide more than normal illumination of the environment. All well and good, but often more is needed or at least desirable. So Fotia Lamp is not just a flashlight that shines out the front, but also on the neck as a lantern. The flashlight itself is made of sturdy material so you can use it to whip up glass when you or someone else is in an emergency situation and need to flee quickly or get help. In addition, the foot of the lamp is magnetic, so you can hang it anywhere on any metal ceiling and it works just as much as a lantern. Especially as a survival kit, this lamp offers a lot of features and thus outshines ordinary flashlights.  

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General Fotia Lamp opinions 

When you think about flashlights, thoughts that are quite boring and often unspectacular often come to mind. Flashlights are boring and only serve to give you light in the dark. In and of itself a very good invention, but just boring. Fotia Lamp's innovation, however, gives you the opportunity to think differently about flashlights and get you one for a survival kit. Because this lamp is also a lantern, you can hang it upside down, strap on your belt and even smash solid glass with it. This sounds less boring and offers much more scope to the original idea of ​​such a lamp, which should all belong to such a lamp to revolutionize the original invention. A user speaking on the manufacturer side reports that this is undoubtedly the best EDC lamp he has ever used. It has multiple brightness settings, as well as a pull-out lantern, a hands-free magnetic base, and an emergency glass break tip. He ordered the survival kit upgrade, and now it's as if he has a complete toolbox that fits his belt. It is always useful when he is at work and at home. Another user of this lamp says that this survival kit lamp is the secret weapon of the craftsman. Anyone doing their own home renovations or car repairs would have to get one. It's like a torch, just brighter, smaller and easier to use. You could hold these, hang them or stick them on anything metallic. The metal shell was really sturdy and durable, he had it for over a year and there was still no scratch. He finds the exterior of this lamp "ingenious design". A user writes that she never leaves the house without this lamp. She feels much safer when she goes home alone at night or is alone on long car rides. She could not believe that they made a flashlight so small and strong! She says that you should not be fooled by the size, because in full-light mode it can easily dazzle someone.

Fotia Lamp technical facts

The following information is known about this particular lamp: 

  • Aircraft grade aluminum alloy: The outer shell is incredibly stable and resists damage and scratches. 
  • Three Light Modes: You can quickly switch between low, high, and strobe modes by clicking the power button. 
  • 2000x optical zoom: The light beam can be retracted or retracted by pulling the shaft. 
  • Built-in Lantern: A super bright 180 ° LED light panel hidden under the head of the flashlight. 
  • Glass Breaker Tip: The head of the lamp has been specially designed to break through windows in an emergency. 
  • Holder is magnetic: the base of the lamp is magnetic and can be attached to any metal or it can be used to hold loose metal parts. 
  • Storage compartment: At the bottom of the lamp is a small compartment where you can stow small items. 
  • Modular design: Fotia Lamp has a special survival kit upgrade that you can buy. It attaches to the bottom of the flashlight and offers you a much larger storage compartment and a whole range of survival tools that fit in!

Who is the provider of the product? 

About the manufacturer of this product, the following information can be found in English on the manufacturer side: Company address: Strong Current Enterprises Limited Postbus 202, 6670AE Zetten, The Netherlands Homepage: * Email: support (at) getfotialamp (dot) com Phone: United States (toll free): +1 855 884 0382 Canada (toll free): +1 844 846 4653 United Kingdom & I&eland: +44 3308 081489 Australia & N&w Zealand: +61 8 7282 2001

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