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A data backup is one of the most neglected things on the computer. IT experts recommend regular updates and backups in order to stay up to date and avoid losing any data in the event of a crash. But let's be honest: Who does this on a regular basis? Backups are always time-consuming and you don't always think about them. But especially when the computer crashes completely, not only unimportant data is lost. Photos and other memories stored on the computer are also irretrievably lost. Infiniti Kloud protects against such incidents and makes it easy to make backups. 

What is Infiniti Kloud?

This tool is a USB stick which can be used to make a backup without any problems. It doesn't matter if it's photos, videos or other music files. Even documents can be saved on the stick with a simple mouse click. A photo backup is no longer a problem. A big problem of ordinary backups is always that it takes a lot of time to make the backups, but this is not the case with the stick.

Infiniti Kloud

Infiniti Kloud review and quality features 

The USB stick has a durable exterior. This means that it can also be handled a little coarser without breaking. This gives even more protection to the data stored on it. The stick is also protected against virus-infested software and can therefore be used from computer to computer without difficulty. Whether it's photo backup, document storage or music - even if you reinstall a computer, you always have to save data first so that it doesn't get lost. Here, too, the stick is an ideal alternative that is easy to use.

Infiniti Kloud Evaluation and recommendation 

Anyone who has ever worked with a computer will be able to confirm that, at a certain point, the device can actually crash almost regularly. If this happens, data will always be lost, even if only to a small extent. If there is a major failure, however, more data may be lost or the computer may need to be reinstalled. A big problem that comes along with this is an immense loss of data, which also erases personal memories. Photos, music, documents - everything is gone. The USB stick is designed to prevent exactly that from happening. A backup is actually recommended by IT experts on a regular basis, but nobody does this because they are expensive and take a lot of time. With this USB stick, however, this is no longer a problem. Just plug it in, start the program, select a folder and you're done. Accordingly, the stick fulfills all the advantages one imagines for a backup and thus offers a good protection against data loss.

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Infiniti Kloud reviews and opinions 

During the research, we also looked around to see if there were any other testimonials about the USB stick. We came across many opinions, most of which had one thing in common: they were positive. This means that most of them had good experiences with the stick and therefore like to use it to make a photo backup or other data backups. Very few of them were negative about the stick, but still benefited from its capabilities. So the opinions were a little bit different, but mostly positive.

Why do I need this USB Gagdet for backups? 

The USB stick is ideal for backing up data, storing photos, or music. It also stores documents, which in many cases is the most important thing. In principle, anyone who works with a computer can use it. It is irrelevant whether it is young or old, man or woman. There are no differences. Actually everybody profits from this USB stick, who wants to save his memories or important documents separately and wants to protect them from a crash.

Where can I buy Infiniti Kloud? 

Best directly from the manufacturer. He offers the stick via his own website. It also explains how you can easily make a photo backup with it. Here you not only get all the information about the device, but also good offers. The provider also occasionally starts to make separate prices from which you can profit even more. In this case it is worthwhile to visit the website several times and to use the offer if it offers something. One has the security that one receives the original and at a good price. The order is easy, the payment takes place over several possibilities, so that the purchase turns out as particularly safe. There is practically no risk, which is always an advantage for the customer.

Infiniti Kloud technical facts 

Here are some facts about the stick, so you can learn more about the technology:  

  • Backs up all your photos, videos, music files and documents with just one click
  • No cables or complicated software
  • No Cloud Subscription
  • Gigantic storage capacity for up to 45,000 photos
  • Simple backup, since own software is needed  

Basically, the device is very durable, since it is also provided with a robust outer shell. It is easy to use and only needs a mouse click to start it. The program works completely independently after you have selected whether you want to make a photo backup, for example, or save documents. Simply completely uncomplicated.

Who is the supplier of the product? 

The provider is a company based in Hong Kong. Here is the address:  

Think Tech Sales Limited Rm 709B, 7/F Opulent Building, 402-406 Hennessy Road, WAN CHAI, Hong Kong 

Homepage: *

The company is also always available by telephone and has its own telephone numbers for the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Australia. The support email, which is even easier to contact, is:  

The company's main objective is to provide buyers with the ability to easily store data without detours or having to understand complicated software. It is a real relief for anyone who owns a computer and is completely easy to use, without further know-how.


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