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What is Memory Safe X? 

The Memory Safe X is a very novel version of a USB stick: this one has the opportunity not only to be plugged into your PC, but also, thanks to its different ends, it can be easily connected to your Android and iOS devices. Connect your smartphone. This USB flash drive also has a storage space of up to 64 GB and with a single click you can back up and restore contacts. It supports an infinite number of file formats and is compatible with many devices. This USB stick is multifunctional and, contrary to other ordinary USB sticks for PCs, really a big improvement.

Memory Safe X

What are the Memory Safe X quality features? 

The small USB Flash Drive has the big advantage over other USB sticks because of its three different connection options, so that you can connect it to your PC as normal and still easily switch it over to your Android or iOS smartphone. Most of the ports of USB sticks are more suitable for the PC or laptop, but now this USB stick presents new possibilities, how you can load on the go on your smartphone up to 64,000 photos or files and this with a very fast load time of a few seconds!

Memory Safe X rating and recommendation

It's definitely an innovation on the market, and other ordinary USB sticks are less likely to compete. A USB flash drive that offers you the chance to decide whether you want to load photos, files or music on your PC or on your smartphone. So far, you were so to speak "forced" to do your business on the PC, because the USB port is more intended for such devices. Or you need a special distributor to be able to connect the USB stick to your smartphone or anywhere else. All pretty expensive and nerve-wracking. But with this USB stick, you have everything in one and the great freedom to determine whether you now on the PC or rather on the road on your smartphone (Android or iOS) infect your USB stick and files or photos load and edit. A big advantage compared to the previous sticks!

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General Memory Safe X reviews 

The fast charging time and the high storage volume as well as the three different connection options are certainly a big improvement over all the classic USB sticks on the market. Especially in times of all the portable electrical devices such as smartphones or tablets, the USB sticks now needed an improvement and now appears in a completely new look and many new possibilities. And with just one click, you can save, delete or restore all your contacts. All in just a few seconds as this USB flash drive responds with tremendous speed and it does not take an eternally long time to load large volumes of data. The stick is compatible with many devices (including Android or iOS) and file formats. Many users of this stick are enthusiastic about how fast it works and how multifunctional it is: One user reports how positively surprised he is that this stick loads his files so quickly and everything works so easily. The stick fits all kinds of devices and is compatible with any smartphone or PC. He likes this USB stick very much and he loads easily all desired files. For him now the right companion! Another user says that this really is a very high-quality USB stick. The quality and workmanship are very good and he likes the idea that the multiple connections give him the opportunity to easily change the stick from his PC to his Android or iOS without any problems. Another user writes that he particularly likes the appearance of the stick and he is also very excited about the enormous memory of 64 GB. With ease, all his files could be downloaded from the stick to the device or vice versa. He no longer uses another stick, because now he has found the perfect stick for his daily work!

Why do I need this USB stick?  

This special Memory Safe X USB flash drive is a great helper for those who want more flexibility in their way of working. So far, they could only load their files to the PC using ordinary USB sticks, but now they can work on any device of their choice, anytime, anywhere, and not be patronized here. Whether you want to work at home on the PC or decide to spontaneously redesign and do things on the go on your iOS or Android: You no longer need to load your data on many different USB sticks to be able to take the right stick to distress. Now you have everything at once on just one stick and you can always change it to another device. Your freedom is hereby set no limits!

Where can I buy Memory Safe X?

The Memory Safe X USB Flash Drive is only available through the official website of the manufacturer / supplier, where you will be offered discounts and free shipping to your home. However, the manufacturer also offers his goods via Amazon, which is sent by Amazon. Whether you would rather order from his official site or via Amazon through him, is entirely up to you. On the manufacturer's side you are offered discounts that are not available via Amazon, as well as a three-year warranty for a small additional charge.

Memory Safe X technical facts

The innovative USB stick has the following technical features: 

  • External storage space of up to 64 GB (external storage expansion). 
  • Standard Type-C port. 
  • Three different USB connectivity options: compatible with PC, Android and iOS. 
  • Fast loading time, no waiting for data transfer. 
  • Supports various file formats: ZIP, VCF etc. 
  • Back up and restore files and contacts with just one click. 
  • The ability to share your files directly on social media. 
  • The data transmission is about 20-30MB / s. 
  • Product dimensions: 13 x 10 x 1.5 cm. 
  • Product weight: 45.4 grams. 
  • Item color: Silver.

Who is the provider of the product?

The following information can be found about the manufacturer / supplier of Memory Safe X: Customer Service: Hyper Sls Ltd 7 / F, The Grande Building 398-402 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, HongKong Homepage: * International:? +44 20 3808 9234, 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day Brazil: +552135003992, reachable between 9am and 2pm, Mondays to Fridays (Brazilian time, GMT-5) Email: support (at) hyperstech (dot) com

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