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What is Mosquito Block?

The Mosquito Block is a mosquito bracelet that is designed to protect you from mosquitoes both outdoors and indoors. The chemical-free bracelet emits high-frequency sound, which according to the manufacturer prevents mosquitoes from landing on you and biting you. The bracelet is also designed to keep other annoying insects away. At the same time, the high-frequency sounds should not have a harmful effect on human health. Therefore, according to the supplier, everyone benefits from the product, whether man or woman, young or old, pregnant or allergic. Due to its three modes, it should also not only protect against insects when walking outside or watching TV in the living room, but should also be able to keep mosquitoes away completely silently when sleeping.

Mosquito Block

Mosquito Block Test and Quality

The quality of the product itself can only be guessed at by looking at customer reviews. In fact it is worth ordering the bracelet for testing purposes. You can easily test it during a walk. If you are not satisfied, you can simply send it back - provided you have added the lifetime warranty.

Mosquito Block evaluation and recommendation

As is well known, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The bracelet against mosquitoes, however, actually pleases most people. It is simple and can be worn unobtrusively on the wrist. At first sight it can hardly be distinguished from a modern, sporty watch or a fitness tracker. The minimalist design and the colour scheme also contribute to this. After all, the bracelet is only available in black and white. Since the defense bracelet is also suitable for children, a few bright colors would also be desirable - but that's not tragic.

Unlike the usual mosquito repellent bracelets, this bangle is characterized by its three modes. If you are outdoors with it - for example during a walk - you switch on the outdoor mode. Here you will hear a low humming sound. As there are usually far fewer mosquitoes indoors than outdoors, you can switch to indoor mode when cooking, watching TV or eating. Now the buzzing is significantly quieter but still effective - according to the manufacturer. However, this would also be disturbing when you sleep, which is why the bracelet also has a silent mode, a silent mode. So you should be able to sleep calmly, without annoying buzzing and without annoying mosquito bites the next morning.

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General Mosquito Block Opinions

The supplier of the Mosquito Block publishes the latest reviews of the product on its website time and again. In the meantime, there are already more than 500 reviews and almost 30 answers to product-specific questions.

Even at first glance it is noticeable that the reviews are extremely positive. Only nine people have so far awarded less than three stars for the bangle. Most reviewers have selected five stars.

The reason for the positive ratings is of course in most cases that the bracelet does exactly what it is supposed to do, namely keep away mosquitoes. Reviewers also report that even in outdoor mode, which is activated when you go for a walk, the bracelet only makes a low humming sound. According to one review, the defense bracelet charges its battery very easily and quickly and lasts for several days afterwards.

Why do I need this mosquito repellent?

In German-speaking countries, probably everyone belongs to the target group of the Mosquito Block. Especially in the currently hotter and hotter summers there are an almost endless number of mosquitoes in the air. As if that wasn't bad enough, they leave unpleasant, itchy bites on the skin, which only subside after a few days.

Especially children love to play outside during the hot season. They are particularly affected by mosquito bites. The mosquito repellent bracelet is also suitable for children's narrow wrists and is therefore the ideal companion on the way to school, when playing in the forest and garden, at camp and at barbecues.

Adults and seniors benefit from the bracelet as well. Whether you work outdoors a lot, travel a lot and spend time outdoors, love your daily walk or do leisure activities such as jogging, fishing, hiking or cycling, the Mosquito Block will protect you wherever you go, according to the provider. Even in the house - for example during sleep - the bracelet can protect you from mosquito bites.

Travellers who need a mosquito repellent not only for the next walk are lucky that the Mosquito Block, unlike conventional mosquito sprays, can be taken on the plane without any problems. This is particularly useful if you are going to a tropical region and want to be optimally protected as soon as you leave the plane.

Since the product is completely free of chemicals according to the manufacturer, it is also suitable for pregnant women and for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Where can I buy Mosquito Block?

You will search in vain for the Mosquito Block in specialist shops and supermarkets, because this elegant mosquito repellent bracelet is only available online. On the website of the official supplier you will find a sales page. Here you can buy one, two, three or even four bracelets. Buying more than one bracelet is not only a great way to protect your whole family from mosquitoes. You will also receive a higher discount if you buy a larger number of bracelets.

When you buy one bracelet you already get a 40% discount. However, if you decide to buy two bracelets, the discount is already 45 percent. Three defensive bands are offered at a 50 percent discount and four tires promise a 53 percent discount.

But before you choose the number, you have to decide on a colour. If you buy two, three or four bracelets, they will be the same colour.

Once all the details are given, you can add a lifetime guarantee. This will cost you between €5.57 and €22.26 depending on the number of bracelets you choose. Now you can get started with the payment. If you choose PayPal as your payment option, you don't have to enter any more details, as all necessary data will be taken from your account. If you choose the normal checkout, the next step is to enter your contact information and then your shipping details. Now you only have to enter your credit card details and the order is complete.

Mosquito Block technical facts

  • elegantes, schlichtes Design
  • Farben: Schwarz und Weiß
  • drei Modi: Sport/Outdoor-Modus; Indoor Modus, Stiller Modus
  • Akkulaufzeit: bis zu 130 Stunden
  • geeignet für jedes Familienmitglied (Kinder, Erwachsene, Senioren, Schwangere, Allergiker)

Who is the supplier of the product? 

Kaizen Clicks LLC

  • 1603 Capitol Avenue
  • Suite 310 A197
  • Cheyenne
  • Wyoming
  • 82001
  • United States

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