One Step Watch Review Price Facts

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What is One Step Watch?

The One Step Watch with OLED display and heart rate sensor is a special wristwatch that can do almost anything. It measures your blood pressure, your pulse, your heart rate and acts as a pedometer. It's also compatible with all smartphones. It's also waterproof and signals when you receive calls on your smartphone. 

One Step Watch Smart Watch

What are the One Step Watch quality features? 

This special fitness tracker with built-in heart rate sensor and OLED display from the USA is an all-rounder. This One Step Watch keeps track of your health and records your pulse, blood pressure, heart rate, steps, sleep, incoming calls and weather information. These and many other quality features aren't usually part of a wristwatch, but to keep an eye on your fitness and health, this special Fitness Tracker watch is designed so you're always well informed about yourself.

One Step Watch review and recommendation

If you want to keep an eye on your health at all times and pay close attention to your health and fitness, you are in a very good position with a fully equipped fitness tracker watch with heart rate sensor. It records your heartbeat, your blood pressure and your sleep. It also gives you more ways to make sure you don't miss any calls or play music for your sports activities. Together with your smartphone, it gives you all the important information and opportunities to improve your fitness while staying healthy and not overdoing it.

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One Step Watch reviews and opinions 

Especially the extensive possibilities offered by this fitness tracker are extremely important for a healthy lifestyle. If you are a very active and athletic person, it is of course also very important that you know your blood pressure, your heartbeat or your sleep. If you don't know these values, you may overdo it and work against your body as if you were working with it. So you get important information about yourself and your body around the clock and can train with it and slow down if your blood pressure and pulse increases too much. The other features on the One Step Watch such as call, weather or camera and music functions are also great features, as is the great OLED display or important heart rate monitor to support your training and active lifestyle. With this watch, you're well equipped.  

A user of this One Step Watch writes in great detail that he came across Willful's fitness tape in search of a new fitness tracker (after which his old Xianomi Mi Band 2 had given up its ghost). Since he didn't know the brand, he was skeptical at first. But this skepticism quickly subsided. Already when unpacking he was positively surprised. Since the tracker had already looked very high quality in its entirety. 

OLED DISPLAY In his opinion, the OLED display is really very bright and can be read very well even in normal daylight. What he really liked was the really fast response time of the display. The display would be switched via the sensor at the bottom of the display. The initial display shows the time and date.  

THE THREE STANDARD PROGRAMS Without using the app, the device has several standard programs. Bike/Run/WALK and additionally pulse measurement and summary of the day. If you go to the steps view, you will see the normal steps first. If you press the sensor for a longer time, you will be able to look at more detailed data about your daily workload (such as steps, distance, calories burned and time).  

The RUN, WALK & BIKE modes start a countdown of three seconds by pressing and holding the sensor. A stopwatch would then be started and the heart rate continuously measured by a heart rate sensor. After pressing the sensor again for a longer time, this time would be stopped and the summary would be listed (similar to the steps).  

When switching to plus measurement, the plus is measured for about 6-7 seconds via the sensor under the tracker and displayed on the screen.  

The tracker can record 7 days without APP. Then you would either have to connect the app or the oldest entry would be deleted.  

CHARGING AND BATTERY STANDBY The battery is charged directly on the device. To do this, the arm band must be removed on one side. Here the user always found it problematic with his Xianomi Miband 2 that the battery was often empty when the charging adapter was of course not within reach or was always in the wrong place (e.g. at work). But this tracker can be charged directly at the USB port (or a battery bank). It is important that the tracker is only connected in one direction, because the USB contacts are not available on both sides. The battery is fully charged after about two hours (the first time it checked the charge). Of course he played a lot with the tracker in the first week. Nevertheless, it would have lasted a good 5 days.  

Unfortunately he hadn't been very busy with the app yet. So far he had only downloaded and installed the app using the QR code given in the manual.  

At first glance, however, similar to other trackers (his Xianomi had an additional external app), additional functions like Whatsapp & Facebook notifications could be activated. Also other modes and other modes that are not activated yet. He has the app running on his HTC U11-Ultra and so far no problem.  

Why do I need this smart watch? 

This One Step Watch is very well suited for all sports and fitness enthusiasts or generally active people who care about their health and would like to be informed about their heart rate (heart rate sensor on the fitness tracker) or their blood pressure, as well as for those who like to keep fit and want to push themselves even more and thus want to see through the fitness tracker where they are fitness moderate. For less active people it is also a nice gimmick and equipped with many great functions. 

Where can I buy One Step Watch?

The OneStep Watch with integrated heart rate sensor can only be purchased from the manufacturer on the Internet and cannot be bought anywhere else in online shops or in normal specialist shops. Here, however, discounts and services are offered to you on the manufacturer's side, such as a discount on each unit of up to 50 percent and a worldwide free shipping to your home!

One Step Watch technical facts 

  • Description: Fitness Tracker
  • Material: zinc alloy case + ABS case + environmentally friendly silicone bracelet
  • Colour: grey/red/green/white
  • Appearance: 23x4x1,2cm
  • Battery life: 110mAh (built-in lithium battery)
  • Service life: working time 5-7 days, standby time over 15 days
  • Water resistance class: IP68
  • Display: 1.0cm HD OLED color screen (single touch)
  • Master chip: NRF51822 QFAC
  • Sensor: heart rate sensor, center of gravity sensor
  • Control method: single touch
  • Connection method: Bluetooth connection (4.0)
  • Supported system: IOS9.0 and above, Android 4.4 and above. 

Who is the supplier of the product? 

There is very little information about the manufacturer on the Internet:  

1096 Jipos Marketing LTD. International House 24 Holborn Viaduct City of London EC1A 2BN United Kingdom  

Homepage: *  

Email: support(at)onestepwatch(dot)com Telephone: +1 (800) 901-9863  


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