PlayBeatz Earbuds Review

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What is PlayBeatz Earbuds? 

PlayBeatz earplugs are designed for anyone who travels a lot and doesn't want to miss their favourite music. Even though the Bluetooth headphones don't differ much from the original Apple earplugs, according to the manufacturer they are supposed to be much better. They stand out due to their quality workmanship and ensure "High Level Sounds Quality". In addition, the PlayBeatz earplugs should charge particularly quickly and are therefore ready to go on tour with you at any time.  

The earplugs have also been extensively tested. Here PlayBeatz wants to have managed to develop one of the most comfortable designs for in-ear headphones. The headphones should not only sit firmly in the ear all day long, but also have the highest possible wearing comfort.


PlayBeatz Earbuds test and quality features 

The PlayBeatz earplug website is DMCA-protected under U.S. law, which entered into force in 1998. This means that it is copyrighted. This means that this is by no means a copy of another successful website. All data provided is actually published by PlayBeatz. At the same time, no third party can misuse the data on the website for their own purposes. The risk of you buying from PlayBeatz on a fake website and falling victim to fraud is significantly reduced.  

Another positive feature of the official website is that possible questions can be asked immediately. A small window will open at the bottom right of the page. In addition, the customer service can be contacted should further questions arise. You will find the corresponding telephone numbers below. 

PlayBeatz Earbuds rating and recommendation  

The manufacturer speaks of a product in high quality that can certainly compete with the original from Apple, but at the same time is compatible with iOS and Android. In our opinion this is the case. The workmanship and the design are unsurpassable. The integration of the current Bluetooth standard also contributes to a particularly perfect sound. The bass is therefore particularly deep and true to the original - exactly as you need it. 

The lyrics, on the other hand, are very clear. Due to the Bluetooth connection in the current standard, a long range is very likely. Just like the promised long battery life. The perfect thing, of course, is that you can use the in-ear headphones no matter which smartphone you use. After all, it's a fact that the in-ear earplugs are compatible with iOS and Android.

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General PlayBeatz Earbuds opinions and experiences  

For many, music is an important part of their lives. This is also clear in the product reviews for the Bluetooth headphones. One buyer reports that he especially appreciates the Earbuds when training in the gym. He doesn't have to watch out for any annoying cables if he wanted to hear his workout mix. Now he can do this without any interruptions and enjoy the strong acoustics. Another customer reports that he has lost his expensive in-ear headphones. 

But since he's a student, he couldn't afford any new ones. The cheap Playbeatz earplugs were the ideal solution for him and after some testing he realized that the price/performance ratio couldn't be better. Ultimately, the product ratings of the Bluetooth headphones, which are compatible with iOS and Android, agree with the technical specifications of the in-ear headphones. 

Why do I need these bluetooth headphones?  

The PlayBeatz earplugs are the perfect gadget for anyone who likes to listen to music on the go and attaches great importance to the best sound quality. If that's true for you, you'll also benefit from the convenience of Bluetooth headphones. In addition, you can use the tailor-made plugs all day long - after all, you can charge them while on the go. This makes them the ideal companion for all ages. 

Their sporty yet discreet design makes them ideal for men. But also women get their money's worth here. So the in-ear headphones are the perfect gift for every gender. Last but not least, the Bluetooth devices are also distinguished by their price. Thus they represent a favorable and nevertheless high-quality alternative to the original of Apple.  

The way the earplugs are used is very similar to the original. They're recharged in the included case - where you can keep them when you can't or don't want to listen to music. The case is recharged via USB. All in all, it only takes a few hours to recharge. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, the devices are compatible with iOS and Android, and you can even pair them with your laptop. As soon as the in-ear headphones appear in the list, you select them. Now you can put the ear plugs in your ears and start your favorite song.  

The advantages of the gadget are now hard to deny. In short, you profit from it:  

  • a simple application
  • an easy connect option
  • a long battery life
  • a fast recharge from the road
  • a good sound and perfect bass
  • compatible with iOS and Android and some laptops
  • the latest technology on the market 

Where can I buy PlayBeatz Earbuds? 

The in-ear headphones from PlayBeatz, which are compatible with iOS and Android, can be purchased directly from the official website of the manufacturer. Here you can order one to five sets. If you decide for a single set, you pay the full price. If you buy several sets, you get profitable discounts.  

In addition there are 8,95 Dollars shipping costs per order. However, you will also receive a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can pay for your new earplugs via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover.  

Important: The Bluetooth headphones, which are compatible with iOS and Android, are only sold on the official website of the manufacturer. If the earplugs are offered on other platforms, it is a fake or a scam. The manufacturer also points this out on its website.

PlayBeatz Earbuds Technical Facts  

Of course we don't want to withhold the technical details of the in-ear headphones from you. As determined in the tests of PlayBeatz and confirmed by the evaluations of customers, the following facts result:  

  • current Bluetooth standard: A2DP1.3, HSP1.2, AVRCP1.6, D11
  • long battery life: up to 100 hours in stand-by mode
  • integrated microphone: optimal for calls
  • compatible with iOS and Android
  • high quality
  • good processing
  • Strong range
  • Super price/performance ratio 

Who is the provider of the product?  

Manufacturer TV Buddy Caster with the company address in the Netherlands: Strong Current Enterprises Limited Postbus 202 6670AE Zetten Netherlands

Website: *  

Customer service by phone (English): USA: +1 609 414 7087 United Kingdom and Ireland: +44 8708 200084 Australia and New Zealand: +61 2 8607 8316 Canada: +1 778 300 0854 Customer service by e-mail:


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