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What is Sterilize X?

At first glance, Sterilize X looks like an ordinary lamp that could be used as a reading lamp or for the bedside table, for example. In reality, these two uses are not recommended because it is a disinfection lamp. This lamp uses UV light to kill germs, mould spores and other microorganisms on surfaces that are harmful to health. Compared to known UV lamps you do not have to hold the light directly over the surface. Within rooms up to a maximum size of 13.5 m², the manufacturer promises that the UV light reaches all surfaces and kills the unwanted germs there. The application takes 30 minutes. During this time you should not be in the room yourself to prevent your eyes and skin from coming into direct contact with the outgoing UV rays.

Sterilize X

Sterilize X Test and Quality

The design of the website for this disinfection lamp initially suggests that it is a product manufactured in the USA. A short research on the manufacturer reveals that this is a company from Lithuania. Lithuania is a member of the European Union since 2004. Unfortunately the manufacturer does not disclose in which country the lamp is manufactured. This makes it difficult for the purchase decision to know in advance whether the quality features of the production are in the EU, America or another country. If you decide to buy a lamp, you should take a close look at the workmanship after the arrival of the goods in order to be sure that there is no danger from its use.

Sterilize X Evaluation and recommendation

The Sterilize X disinfection lamp is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The manufacturer states that a complete charge of the battery is sufficient to have the UV light available for one or even two applications over 30 minutes. When the energy is used up, the battery is connected to a computer or other device via the USB cable and supplied with new energy. This is only an obstacle for people who already charge a variety of other devices in this way or who need the existing USB ports on the laptop for keyboards and the like.

With regard to the positive effects on health, the manufacturer promises that the UV light of the lamp kills up to 99% of all viruses, mould spores and other microorganisms. However, the accuracy of this value is largely dependent on the size of the room. If it is larger than 13 m², the light does not reach all areas and is therefore potentially only partially effective. The position within the room is therefore an important factor in ensuring that the entire room is covered. However, sometimes in large rooms you may need to switch on the unit twice or more. At the same time, you will need to be outside the room during this time. Treating the entire apartment with this product therefore takes a lot of time and effort, which has to be spent on cleaning and recharging.

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General Sterilize X Opinions

Worries about your own health are one of the main reasons for buying the Sterilize X disinfection lamp. However, this not only concerns the killing of potentially harmful micro-organisms, but also the health effects that can occur in contact with the UV light itself. To this end, the manufacturer specifies two safety measures to be applied. First, the UV light does not switch on immediately. There is a short period of time between making the required setting and switching on the light, which should allow you to leave the room and, if necessary, close the door before the light is switched on. After 30 minutes, the light will automatically switch off and you can enter the room without coming into contact with the UV rays. This is to protect your retina and the rest of your skin from damage caused by the light.

Buyers who have already tested this product find the 30-minute waiting time required for disinfection very annoying in everyday life. Parents of young children also say that they have to lock the rooms for safety reasons, as many children find it difficult to understand the health risks of UV light. In addition, some of the buyers would like to have a note that also points out that pets should not stay in the rooms during this time.

Why do I need this UV disinfection lamp?

The Sterilize X disinfection lamp is specifically designed for people who want to use UV rays to remove microorganisms and pathogens. This includes people who have a weakened immune system as well as people who prefer not to use chemical cleaning agents in everyday life. These may often only be touched with gloves and leave a chemical smell in the house.

On the other hand, the disinfection lamp is not suitable for those who believe that they can completely do without cleaning with the help of UV rays. Dust and also other dirt does not disappear by the light, so that the regular cleaning and hygiene in the household must continue to take place.

Where can I buy Sterilize X?

Currently, the Sterilize X disinfection lamp is preferably available on the manufacturer's website. There, besides the individual offers, sets in different quantities are also available. Here you have the choice to purchase up to four products at the same time in one set. Discounts of up to 50% are currently available for all offers. The discounts are only linked to the purchase and do not contain any further conditions.

To complete the purchase, you must have either a credit card or a PayPal account. Credit cards are accepted by Visa or Mastercard among others. The data will be transmitted encrypted, so there is very little chance that third parties can access your payment data.

Sterilize X technical facts

Technical facts:

  • Disinfection lamp with UV light
  • 700 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Battery charging via USB cable
  • Cleaning within 30 minutes
  • Automatic switching on and off of the light

Who is the supplier of the product?

The lamp with disinfecting UV rays for your health is manufactured by:

  • Manufacturer: UAB Ekomlita
  • Address: Konstitucijos pr. 20A
  • Vilnius 09321
  • Country: Lithuania

Homepage: *

As with all manufacturers from abroad, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer first in the event of a return. By e-mail or telephone you can find out more about the address to which you should return the lamp. This will not only save you trouble, but also high postage costs if in doubt.

Sterilize X

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