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Aerial photography was really hard a few years ago, if you had the film as a hobby. Meanwhile, thanks to some drones on the market, this is very possible. However, most models do not offer the conditions you would expect from a drone. Either because they bring a much too short battery life, or the film quality is not the best. The Tactic Air Drone combines both features and brings even more. It takes good aerial photographs and is therefore used for many purposes. We would like to introduce you in detail below, so that everyone can get their own picture of her.  

What is Tactic Air Drone?  

This drone is a mobile unit that easily captures aerial photography and has a 4K camera on board to take the best shots. It can be practically folded, so it can be easily taken and ready for any use. The product also offers an app control that can not be easier. Some drones are difficult to operate with a control unit that is totally unsuitable for beginners, thus scraping the drone in some way. The drone with 4K camera offered here offers everything that even beginners can use very well for their recordings. It also offers many features, including the Intelligent Follow Me feature, which allows the drone to follow the movie without direct control and much more.  

What are the Tactic Air Drone quality features? 

The drone differs significantly from other models, with which you can just fly and take things. The model offered here is collapsible so that you can take it anywhere with you. In addition, it records by means of a 4K camera in the best quality. The "Follow me" program allows for the free photographer's mode. A dual camera and the picture-in-picture display makes a good overview possible. In addition, there is a smart gesture recognition control that does an excellent job in addition to the app control. Recordings with one battery charge are possible for up to 20 minutes. Some competing products last much shorter here. Basically, this is a very qualitative device, which seems prepared for all missions.  

Tactic Air Drone rating and recommendation  

A few years ago, drones were hard to come by, or practically priceless. Meanwhile, they are quite affordable and the drone here is a top model, which is offered almost at a ridiculous price. Because it can be moved via app control, it is suitable for both beginners and advanced. Just those who like to make good shots from the air. In addition, the built-in 4K camera provides good pictures, with which you can turn off videos very well. The fact that it has a balanced control motor, it is easy to handle and makes smooth shots without jerking. You can use them for 20 minutes before they land automatically without any damage. From our side there is a recommendation for the drone including 4K camera.  

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General Tactic Air Drone opinions  

We also searched for opinions from users who had already tried the product. We found mostly positive feedback, which praised the drone very much and put their skills in the foreground. Most were excited about the built-in 4K camera, which no other drone can match. The film shots are all very good and therefore a feast for the eyes in videos and cut images. Whether wedding, party or other event - the drone was always very gladly taken by the users, in order to capture everything as well as possible. Due to their easy control, beginners as well as advanced drone users are thrilled and gladly recommend them.  

Why do I need this drone?  

The drone is aimed at anyone who would like to purchase an Air Drone, but do not want to resort to a short battery life, let alone a poor image quality. You do not want to compromise. And it does not matter if it's a drone novice or someone who already had one or the other model in use. Young and old alike can handle the product equally well, as it also has no complicated controls. The app control is understood by everyone, which is even better for those who are interested in the model. You get good pictures with the 4K camera and the controls are easy. Here can access who expects quality.  

Where can I buy the Tactic Air Drone?  

The best way to buy the drone directly from the manufacturer. Only here you can also assume that you get them for a reasonable price. The practical thing is that from time to time the manufacturer makes special offers that can be used to his advantage. Because then usually more devices are available at a discounted price. This is especially handy if you need an alternative after the 20 minutes of running to take more shots. Due to the low price, the purchase of several devices is quite justified. Something to order: This runs off easily and is quite simple. A few days later, the parcel even comes to the front door. Just as easy is the payment. It is risk-free and therefore very accommodating to the buyer.  

Tactic Air Drone - Technical Facts  

Here we come again to the technical characteristics of the drone: 

  • App control that is easy to understand 
  • Camera with 4K recording quality 
  • Easy to handle 
  • Still image resolution of 4096 x 3072 pixels 
  • 120 ° viewing angle 
  • 20 minutes of battery life 
  • Can be folded up easily 

It is a top model with its technical features, which is very popular even by professionals. Since it can be folded, any damage can be excluded because it is not so unwieldy. Overall, it is a model, which one very much recommends.

Who is the provider of the product?  

The provider is a company that has the following address: Hyper Sls Ltd. 7 / F, The Grande Building 398-402 Kwun Tong Road Kowloon, Hong Kong Homepage: https://hyperstech.com * The provider also provides an email address that can be used for support: support@hyperstech.com. So you always strive to meet the customer.

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