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Today, the Internet has become an essential part of all our lives. From the slow 56K the connection has greatly evolved and now reaches speeds of up to 70 Mbit per second within Germany. Although we are still relatively far behind in the world ranking of Internet speed, it is foreseeable that this may change in the next few years. With all this speed, however, it is of no use if the signal within an apartment gets worse and worse from room to room. A Wifi booster can help here, which is why we will deal with this topic in the following.

What is a Wifi Booster?

WIFI is standard for every household today. The old LAN connection is only used with stationary computers. Tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices therefore fall back on the mobile variant. A major problem with WLAN is that the signal becomes weaker and weaker as the distance increases. Walls or floors that can lie between the router and the device further weaken the signal. As a result, so-called dead zones occur inside apartments. 

Here there is no signal that can be used for surfing the Internet. Should the signal from your own WIFI network actually reach here, it will only remain for a short time. A comfortable and above all comfortable surfing is not possible. To counteract this, there is the so-called Wifi Booster. It captures the WLAN signal at a certain distance and amplifies it many times over so that the same WIFI strength prevails in every corner of the apartment. Dead zones are thus avoided.

Wifi Booster

Why do you need a Wifi booster?

Some users are so desperate that they even consider buying a suitable router for each floor. However, this also means signing another contract with the phone company. Additional costs can be avoided with a Wifi Booster. The device itself does not cause any costs, but only the one-time purchase price and a small part of electricity costs, since the device only works if it is plugged into an outlet. 

A Wifi Booster is categorically for each dwelling as well as each house a recommendable acquisition, which is worthwhile itself for everyone. Because even within smaller dwellings there is always this one point, where one suddenly no more connection to the Internet gets. With a suitable Wifi Booster you can avoid this problem.

Our Top Wifi Booster Review reports

A good Wifi Booster is characterized by the fact that it is first and foremost easy to use and does not incur any further costs - apart from the electricity it consumes. A good device is easy to connect and has the characteristic that all symbols or light-emitting diodes on the device are practically self-explanatory. Here we have compiled a few of the devices that we consider to be recommendable:

Explanation of the different Wifi Booster products

There are different terms on the market that one should be familiar with before buying such a device. The most common terms are:  

  • Wifi Booster
  • Wifi Extender
  • Wifi Repeater

What exactly these terms mean is explained below.  

  • Wifi Booster: The theory says that a Wifi Booster should above all improve the available WLAN network. The transmission speed is in focus and is amplified by the device. Up to 300 Mbps transfer rates can be achieved with a Wifi booster. This makes it a helpful tool that can be used in every household.  
  • Wifi Extender: A device of this type, on the other hand, has the primary task of amplifying or extending the original WLAN signal. This is especially useful if the signal has to pass through thick concrete walls or if it has to travel a long distance. Dead zones are also avoided, but the transmission speed is not significantly improved.  
  • Wifi Repeater: With a Wifi Repeater, the main point is that the signal from the available WLAN in the house is transmitted without interference. A WLAN connection is not always smooth and is therefore well supported by such a device. It amplifies the router's signal and thus extends the range within the apartment or house.  

In the end, the products are relatively similar, but you should still pay attention to the differences when you buy them, because a Wifi Extender works better if you want to avoid concrete walls or other obstacles without loss of transmission.

Does a Wifi Booster really work?

Whether such a device really amplifies the WLAN signal in the house and how it works depends on a few factors. First of all, it is important that the device is placed in a place where it can receive a powerful signal, and then professionally transmit it. It also depends on the bandwidth it is designed for. It is of little use to buy a device that is only designed for low transmission rates, but which is expected to be much higher. 

In addition, it always plays a role how good the current signal really is. There are also "bad days" when even the main signal is so weak that the connection leaves something to be desired. However, this problem is usually found with the telephone provider, but not with the available devices.

Wifi Signal Extender

How do I set up a Wifi Booster?

It is a great advantage that the available Wifi boosters are all very easy to use. Most Wifi boosters are plugged into an outlet near the router. Then the synchronization takes place by pressing a button on the booster, as well as on the router. Both devices connect with each other. Once this process is complete, you can remove the booster from the socket and connect it to another one halfway to the device that needs better Internet access. 

This means: If the router is on the upper floor and the device is on the lower floor, the booster should be connected to a power socket in the corridor in order to receive the optimal signal "halfway". It connects automatically and should therefore deliver a better signal. 

If you want to amplify the signal a little bit, some devices also offer the option to connect an additional cable between the Wifi booster and, for example, the TV. In the end, the signal is routed to where it is supposed to deliver power.

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