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We are all used to having the Internet available at all times. But when we are in a café or other public place, the Wifi connection is not always the best. We long for free Internet that is powerful and fast. But this is not always the case. That's why there is now the pocket modem, which offers you exactly these points. It can be easily stored in your pocket when you're on the road and is ready to use when you need it. We would like to introduce the device in the following with all details and explain who can use it ideally and what it brings to him.

What is Wifi Pod?

The Wifi Pod is a pocket modem that you can use on the road to connect to the Internet without having to go to a public place. We all know this: In a café most of the lines are hopelessly overcrowded and therefore the speed of the internet is not the best. With this pocket modem, however, it is possible to create a stable Internet connection, based on a normal router. The pocket modem convinces with an easy handling and has the following features according to the manufacturer:

  • Up to six hours battery life
  • Up to ten people can connect
  • Connectivity, mobility and functionality in one
  • Ease of use
  • High-speed Internet, wherever you need it
  • No unexpected or unplanned costs

The device therefore comes with all the specifications needed to enjoy a barrier-free Internet connection at any time while on the move. If you are outdoors in nature, friends can also use the device by simply connecting to it. The good thing about it is that it creates a protected network where no one has to fear an outside hacker attack, or that information can be stolen.

Wifi Pod

What are the Wifi Pod quality features?

There is no quality seal for the product, so we can only answer this question with "No". Nevertheless, we think that the pocket modem is of good quality and makes a good connection when you want to access the Internet. You can rely on its service as long as the battery is full enough and it is properly connected to the mobile device.

Wifi Pod rating and recommendation

We believe that this pocket modem is a good alternative if you use the WLAN from public places often. With this modem, you can practically create your own WLAN connection without having to pay anything or fear hidden costs. You only need a SIM card and a charged device. Everything else is completely uncomplicated, as the devices connect to each other very easily and this is possible via the normal WLAN connection point in the mobile devices. We support the use of such a device because then everyone can access a protected network and no one has to fear that they will suffer from third party access. We are therefore very happy to recommend the device to others. We also advise everyone to take advantage of the special offers that the manufacturer offers and which we will discuss in more detail below.

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General Wifi Pod opinions

In our search for information about the pocket modem, we also looked for reviews from other users who have had some experience with the device. Our search came across a few testimonials, which were largely positive. Most of them were able to benefit greatly from using the device and praised themselves for owning such a device. They were always able to get a good Internet connection when they were on the road and had a protected network they could surf without losing any data. Free Internet had become something they couldn't live without. That's why most users were happy to recommend it to others. We could not find any negative experience reports or problems the users had with the device.

Why do I need this pocket modem?

In principle, the device is aimed at anyone who travels a lot and then wants to have a perfect Internet connection and a protected network. The device is simply connected via WLAN interface and you have free internet without having to fear additional costs. It can be used by young and old and therefore it can be used by everyone who is interested. It does not matter whether the user is male or female, because both can work equally well with it. Furthermore, it appeals to everyone who has already worked with an alternative but has not had such good experiences with it.

Where can I buy Wifi Pod?

The device is best ordered directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer offers his products on a separate website. This way you also have the guarantee that he delivers the original and not a fake copy. In addition, the buyer has the possibility to place a simple order, which can be completed easily using a form. Only a few days later, the device is in your hands. The payment is done via Paypal and credit card. With these options, the user takes as little risk as possible. If the customer is not satisfied with the device, he or she can even make use of a return guarantee, with which the money is returned. Moreover: Depending on when you appear on the homepage, you can take advantage of special offers. They usually contain several devices, whereby a single one costs less than if purchased separately.

Wifi Pod Technical facts

Unfortunately, we could hardly find any information about the technical properties so far. The only information we found was:

  • Up to six hours battery life
  • Operates with a normal Sim card

The device basically has all the features you would expect from a pocket modem and also offers a protected network which protects you from access by third parties. More information is usually not needed.

Who is the supplier of the product?

The supplier is a company called Ecomerzpro. Unfortunately no further information can be found when it comes to finding an address. However, there is a contact address on the manufacturer's website, which you can use if you have any questions and of course if you want to return the product.

homepage: https://wifipodpromo.com/ *

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