Zen Cooler Review Price and Facts

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What's the Zen Cooler? 

The Zen Cooler is a portable and powerful air cooler that is perfect for the summer heat. Just fill it with water and turn it on. Powered by a USB cable, the Zen Cooler is one of the most powerful portable air conditioners in its class, blowing cold air anytime, anywhere. The air cooler is small and handy and can be taken anywhere. It consumes less power than large air conditioners and is also much more affordable. 

Zen Cooler

Zen Cooler test and quality features 

The special qualities of this device are its easy handling and commissioning as well as its easy transportability. You can easily take the small air conditioner anywhere and connect it anywhere. In addition, it saves electricity and supplies the heated air with fresh and clean air, which flows out of the water in the tank, almost like fresh mountain air. 

Zen Cooler Rating and Recommendation 

If you're one of those who always want a super-functioning air conditioner in the summer, but have never been able to afford one, or have had bad experiences with such equipment, you'll now get a much better option for refreshment in the form of a mini air conditioner. The Zen Cooler is energy-saving and very easy to transport. The small air cooler is simply powered by a USB port, filled with water and immediately fresh and clean air comes your way. 

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Zen Cooler review and opinions 

In contrast to the large air conditioners, which are heavy in weight, not particularly easy to install and have a rather less environmentally friendly and energy-saving version, the Zen Cooler air conditioner is much different. In particular, the fact that all you need to do is pour water into the air conditioner's tank and fresh cool air is flowing towards you that hasn't been chemically produced, or the heated summer air is being distributed around the room is a very helpful and healthy alternative. In addition, the evaporating water in the unit purifies the air in your room and removes pollutants from it. It's like breathing in fresh mountain air!  

A user of this device reports that he lives in the attic and that in summer the air is so overheated that he can almost cut it. He hasn't been able to do anything with an ordinary fan, the hot air is only distributed in the room and doesn't refresh at all. An expensive air cooler couldn't help either, it only cost him a lot of money. Only with this small air cooler did he get what he had been looking for so long: refreshment! He had already bought several to cool down in every room under the heated roof and was enthusiastic about how it worked. He could only recommend the air conditioner!  

Another user also writes that he lives in the attic or that he has to work there. It is almost unbearable. Breathing becomes difficult and he sweats immeasurably. Only by the small air cooler he can survive the day under the hot roof and is glad to have found now for each summer the perfect solution.  

Another user tells how much the small air cooler helps him to sleep at all during the unbearable nights. This has been his main problem in recent years during summer time. He had always managed the day somehow, but in the night he lay awake often and for a long time and found no peace and cooling. He often had problems breathing in the heat at night and couldn't help himself any more. Well, with the small air conditioning in the room he could finally sleep at night and had even bought several for a single room, his bedroom, so that through the outflow of cool air from several appliances the cooling offers him even more and better refreshment and peace than it would do only by a single air cooler, he tells. He has had many fans and a large air conditioner in his life, but this mini air conditioner is the best summer tool he knows and really benefits from!  

Why do I need this air cooler? 

Especially people who live or work in the attic are almost afraid of summer, because they know exactly that working or living or sleeping under the overheated roof will hardly be possible anymore. No matter what you try, it is and remains hot and unbearable. Fans only distribute the hot air in the room and air conditioning systems are usually bulky and non-functioning as well as too expensive purchases. So what to do? The Zen Cooler is a new type of air conditioning system that is very inexpensive, requires very little space, is easy to use and works with water. It purifies your air and refreshes every room. You can set it up at home or on the road in the car or at work without anyone noticing because it doesn't make any loud noises. 

Where can I buy Zen Cooler? 

The small air cooler can only be ordered online via the manufacturer's website, where you can get discounts of up to 50 percent on one unit, which would not be offered to you elsewhere. Also, there are no shipping charges. The more devices you order, the higher the volume discount. The discounts are limited in time, so you should order quickly. 

Zen Cooler technical facts 

The small air conditioner makes no noise and has a multicoloured mood light, which you can also use as a night light. Especially suitable for children. It is small and compact and easy to transport anywhere. Three different speed levels can be set, depending on how gently or strongly you want the fresh cool air to flow out. For the night a softer setting is recommended, for sports a slightly stronger one. The water tank can be filled up to 380 millilitres and lasts for 3 to 8 hours before it has to be refilled. Its individual net weight is 740 grams and its total weight 965 grams. The product colours are powder, grey and blue. Its material is made of ABS, silicones and electronic components. The product measures 170x152x157 millimetres. 

Who is the supplier of the product? 

The company is headquartered in Los Angeles and another in Shenzhen, China. Further information or details of an address are as follows:  

Invative Inc. 6444 San Fernando Rd #3550 Glendale CA 91201 USA  

Homepage: https://www.zencooler.com/ *  

Email: Support(at)zencooler(dot)com Telephone: 877-210-7911  


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