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What is Zen Heater? 

The Zen Heater is a modern heating system that is easily plugged into a power outlet. The fan heater is very small and handy. You can easily take it wherever you go and use it anywhere in the house as well as in the garage or in the attic, if there is a socket. This little innovation saves on heating costs and keeps your bill small.

Zen Heater

Zen Heater Test 

The small fan heater by Zen Heater has an intelligent timer and the possibility to digitally control the temperature setting. In this way, you can save costs and self-regulate when the heating is running and how much energy you want to consume.  

Zen Heater review and recommendation  

Due to its enormous handiness and ease of use, this small heater is a major innovation in heating systems. It saves space, time, energy and also offers enormous cost savings. Instead of bulky large heaters, this heating system in each room plugged into the socket offers small and handy the possibility for self-regulated heat and even better heat distribution throughout the room compared to the large appliances. That's why this little innovation in heating systems has many advantages for you.  

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General Zen Heater opinions  

Instead of large radiators taking their place, this small fan heater in every room is a novel way to quickly heat your rooms. By the time controller and the temperature controller you can decide for yourself when and how long the small heating system should run. It also saves you money, because these small fan heaters consume much less money and energy than their big relatives. In this way, you keep both your expenses in the frame as well as the energy consumption of your heating at the socket. A user of this mini-heater writes that yesterday he got the device and tried it out. In his bath of 7.5 square meters, it was so warm in two minutes that he felt really comfortable. Now he did not have to turn on the heater at all. It took a long time until the small heating system finally got warm and the bathroom took much more time. In his opinion, it was a very good heater that could be set as he needed it. Noise would give it a special quiet stage on the heater. And indeed he almost did not hear the fan heater. He was probably very happy with it. There would also be a cooling function on the device. He hoped that cooling would work just as well as heating. One user of this small device reports that she purchased it because her bathroom would not be really warm when it was very cold outside, so she bought this heater and she was very happy with it. He really made it very quick to warm and the blower was not as quiet as it would have liked, but it was probably a very even and pleasant noise that did not even bother her even though she was very sensitive to noise! She was very happy with it! Another user says that this small heating system is really great! He bought it for his guest toilet. It was small and handy and also quickly warmed the small room. The fact that he could not heat a huge room with it, was clear from the outset, he continues. And since he did not consume as much electricity as usual, this was only an advantage for his purse. Another user says that she likes this little heater, it can heat up as soon as it's on. With him in the winter it really made her life warm. And it is very safe, if the heat reaches a certain level, he could shut down automatically. If it falls, you do not have to worry because it can turn off the power automatically. It really is a good and safe fan heater. Another user talks about how he often gets cold while working in the garage and that he usually can not really heat there. With long cables and an old heater, he always tried to heat the garage. Often unsuccessful and the building and wiring was soon too annoying. Now he has finally found something in the heating system through this mini-heater, which helps him to endure the cold days while working in the garage and not always freezing. This heating system innovation was ultimately his salvation!

Why do I need this fan heater?  

The small fan heater is particularly useful for all those people who can no longer afford the enormous electricity costs with the usual large radiators. Even people who want to heat rooms where previously hardly heating was possible - for example in the garage or other places - or would like to have on the way in case of emergency a small heater, find the Zen Heater their benefit.  

Where can I buy Zen Heater?

The mini-heater can only be obtained online via the official website of the manufacturer or supplier. Here, however, you get all the discounts up to 50 percent on 5 devices when ordering as well as a free delivery to your home. For a small additional charge, you can also buy a replacement guarantee and life-long protection on the device or the devices, in case something is wrong or defects are objectionable.

Zen Heater technical facts  

The following technical details can be found at the Zen Heater: 

  • It works without a cable and can easily be plugged into any electrical outlet. 
  • The thermal cover is approximately up to 23 square meters per room. 
  • There is an adjustable thermostat integrated. 
  • It is small and handy and ideal for traveling. 
  • The heating power is 400 watts. 
  • The device shuts off automatically by a timer. 
  • The device always stays cool enough to touch without burning. 
  • Practical temperature monitoring through a digitally controlled temperature control. 
  • The device can be set to any temperature between 15 and 32 ° C.

Who is the provider of the product?  

On the manufacturer side you can find the following information about the supplier / manufacturer of the device: Zen Heater 7080 Hollywood Blvd. # 1100 Los Angeles, CA 90028 USA Homepage: https://www.zenheater.com * Telephone: 877-210-7911 (Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 5pm PST) Email: support (at) zenheater (dot) com The manufacturer / supplier has several locations in Los Angeles, Florida or Shenzhen (China).

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