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What is Zenmind XP?

The product Zenmind XP is an eye massager. According to the manufacturer, it should have a universal fit and be suitable for every face shape from oval to square. The device is used to relax the muscles, to relax the eyes and to stimulate the blood circulation. To achieve this goal, four different relaxation programs are offered. These work on the basis of heat and air. An intelligent air pressure is used to ensure that the sensitive skin around the eyes is not too stressed. Warm compression is supported by music played via a wireless Bluetooth connection. According to the manufacturer's promise, the combination of music and massage can contribute to a lasting relaxation of your eyes.

Zenmind XP

Zenmind XP testing and quality

To get more information about this eye massager is very difficult because of the few details that the manufacturer reveals. The manufacturer with the name Novads OU is from Estonia. This country has also been a member of the European Union since 2004. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee that the devices are manufactured within the EU. Due to lower costs, a production in other parts of the world such as Asia or South America is also conceivable. The lower labour costs make it easier for the manufacturers to make this decision, whereby classic quality seals from Europe, such as the CE marking, are missing on these products.

Zenmind XP evaluation and recommendation

The manufacturer promises you with the use primarily a complete eye relaxation as well as an improved blood circulation of the musculature around the eyes. This can only be achieved with the four relaxation programs of the Zenmind XP massager. It looks like a ski goggle and covers the eye area completely.

Everything else is done by the selected settings and the warm compression. The mask is heated up to 42°. This temperature stimulates the blood circulation by causing the veins to expand slightly and ensuring a higher blood flow. Again, the temperature is not so high that redness remains on the skin.

An intelligent air pressure should massage your skin without leaving a feeling of pressure or bruises. To make the massage pleasant for you, it is possible to adjust the width of the glasses. This prevents the glasses from being pressed too tightly onto the skin. The eye massager can be operated with only one button and switches on automatically after 15 minutes. Should you fall asleep due to the relaxing effect of the massage, the device will not continue to run the whole time.

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General Zenmind XP experience

Buyers who have already gained experience with this eye massager report a beneficial effect for irritated eyes. The opinions repeatedly emphasize the easy use, which can be combined very well with a short break during lunch break or even after work. Effective is the use to allow the eyes to relax after work before the plans for the end of the day are made.

However, buyers also indicate that it can take several days or weeks to find the perfect setting for their eyes. It is also very important not to put on the glasses too tightly. The warm compression and the vibrations emitted can put pressure on the nasal bone if the setting is too tight. This can make the massage uncomfortable and take away your desire to continue the treatment.

Why do I need this eye massager?

Zenmind XP is designed for people who often suffer from exhausted or overstrained eyes. The number of these people has increased dramatically since the beginning of the new millennium. The reason for this is the longer number of hours that are devoted daily to working in front of the computer or looking at the mobile phone. With the massage, the tension of the eye muscles should be released and, based on this, subsequent problems such as tension headaches should disappear.

The target group includes all adults who regularly notice that their eyes need a little breather in everyday life. There is no age limit for adults. The restrictions associated with the eye massager primarily affect contact lens wearers. Before putting on the glasses, they should be removed so that the lenses do not slip due to vibration. You should also be careful with eye diseases. Under these circumstances, you should first discuss the purchase with your eye doctor.

Where can I buy Zenmind XP?

If you want to know for yourself what a smart air pressure is, the easiest way to find it is to visit the manufacturer's website. In cooperation with the Chinese company Hyperstech, the product is offered on their website. Buying the eye massager there has the advantage that you will definitely get the original and not a fake. Currently, the website is advertised with a discount of up to 50% and free delivery. Besides a single offer you can also find sets there. Discounts are also offered for these. If you would like to give the massage glasses as a Christmas present, the purchase of a set pays off twice due to the savings.

Zenmind XP technical facts

The list of technical facts of Zenmind XP include:

  • Massager with heat compression
  • 4 different settings
  • automatic switch-off after 15 minutes
  • Bluetooth
  • Battery charging via USB cable

The battery contained in the eye massager can be recharged at any time using the USB cable included in the scope of delivery. This fits a computer or laptop as well as any other device that has a USB port. Once charged, the warm compression is available for several applications. This makes it easy to take the Zenmind XP with you on your travels without the need for batteries or a power cable.

It is also easy to play music with the eye massager. The connection is wireless via Bluetooth. While an intelligent air pressure massages your eye area, you listen to your favorite music and can relax even better.

Who is the supplier of the product?

Here is some more information about the manufacturer of the product:

  • Manufacturer: Novads OU
  • Address: Narva Mnt 7
  • Tallinn
  • Country of origin: Estonia

Homepage: https://shop.hyperstech.com/ *

If intelligent air pressure and warm compression is not the right product for your eyes, you can return the eye massager to the manufacturer Novads OU. You will have to pay the shipping costs to Estonia and possibly the price for a new package. If you have any questions about the product or if there are no instructions for use included in the package, you must contact Hyperstech support. They take care of the customer service, so that it is sometimes necessary to contact the Chinese company first and then the manufacturer in case of problems or a return.

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